Alia Bhatt's Sister Shaheen Bhatt Decides To Name & Shame Those Sending Death & R*pe Threats
Alia Bhatt’s Sister Shaheen Bhatt Decides To Name & Shame Those Sending Death & R*pe Threats (Pic Credit – Shaheen Bhatt Instagram)

The issue of nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood has flared up to another level ever since Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide. But there are some actors and film families that have been targeted more than the rest. One of them is Mahesh Bhatt and his family; especially daughters Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt.


While Shaheen Bhatt is a rather calm and complacent individual, she has chosen to break her silence now. Taking to her official social media handle, Alia Bhatt’s sister has said that she will not keep quiet after receiving incessant r*pe and death threats. Shaheen has also made it loud and clear that she will name and shame all those trolls.


Sharing a very long post in the stories of her social media handle, Shaheen Bhatt has said that she is also going to use the legal route to get to these haters. Taking to her Instagram Stories section, Shaheen shared screengrabs of the r*pe and death threats that she and Alia Bhatt have been receiving.

Shaheen Bhatt captioned these images as, “A country where rather than being raised on empathy, most people are raised with the explicit permission to hate. A country where a woman is either your mother, your sister, your wife or a wh**e. A country where not just men, but women feel like the worst thing you can call another woman is a sl*t. Because what better way to render a woman powerless than to make her ashamed of being a woman. Ashamed of being herself. Because if she weren’t a woman would she still be debased, humiliated and threatened with violence and violation every day? Would she so casually be robbed of her security and sense of agency? You see. It’s genius. You abuse her. Yet, you try to convince her the problem is her. Not you.”

Addressing those specifically spewing hate towards her and sissy Alia Bhatt, Shaheen wrote, “So, I speak now to those of you who think it’s okay to send me or anyone messages full of hate: If you send me a message with the sole hope (I say hope because I promise you -nothing you say is keeping me up at night) of humiliating, insulting, or bullying me, then the following things will happen: – The messages or comments will first be blocked and reported to Instagram directly. – You will forfeit the right to your privacy. I will NOT protect your identity. Every shitty message you send me will – should I choose to – go up for everyone to see. Abusers are emboldened by their anonymity. I will not help hide you. – I WILL use all legal recourse available to me to take action. If you think you can’t be located because your account is anonymous, please think again – IP addresses are easily trackable. You are not invisible. Harassment is a crime.”

And finally, lashing out to Instagram for their tolerance policies, Shaheen Bhatt wrote, “To Instagram- you have zero-tolerance policies for a lot of the content that people put up on your platform – I think it’s fair to say that misogynistic slurs, intended to subdue and oppress *should* fall under the umbrella of your zero-tolerance community guidelines “But if you don’t want to receive abusive message turn off your message requests” `Tired of being called a bitch in your comments? Turn off your comments.” Asking me to change the way I use a platform because of someone else’s hatred and misogyny is the equivalent of telling me that if I go out at night and get assaulted “I was asking for it”. I should not have to change the way I use a platform if someone is being abusive. They should. Full stop.”

Well for those of you unversed, Mahesh Bhatt has been receiving a lot of hate for his relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput’s GF Rhea Chakraborty. Meanwhile, Alia Bhatt is facing the brunt of trolls for being a film kid and having the unabashed attention and guidance of Karan Johar.

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