October film has not only got appreciation and critical acclaim for Varun Dhawan but also put this heartthrob of youngsters on top of the YOUTHFUL charts of Score Trends India along with the most charming and dependable actress Alia Bhatt.

These statistics are authenticated and researched by the US-based media tech startup Score Trends India.

Score Trends India list
Score Trends India list

In the actor list, Varun is on the first position of Score Trends India Youthful chart (April 6 to April 12) with 12.52 points while Alia leads with 76.22 points surpassing Deepika Padukone in the Youthful category.

Varun’s critical acclaim in October has attracted huge eye balls in Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & viral news. Meanwhile Alia is dominating print and other digital platforms due to her forthcoming film Raazi in which she reportedly plays a spy.

Score Trends India list
Score Trends India list

Varun surpasses Ranveer Singh who is ranking 2nd followed by Sidharth Malhotra on third and Tiger Shroff on fourth in the Score Trends Youthful ranking chart.

Subsequently, Alia is far ahead of Deepika who is ranking 2nd with the difference of 38 points followed by Sonakshi on 3rd and Sonam ranking fourth on the Youthful list.

“Alia’s buzz in print publications and viral news on social media and broadcast has got her on the top ranking in the Youthful category for this week,” says Ashwani Kaul, co-founder of Score Trends.

“We collect data from over 600 news sources across 14 languages in India to analyse the media. These include Facebook, Twitter, print publications, viral news on social media, broadcast and digital platforms. Various sophisticated algorithms then help us to process this massive amount of data and arrive at the scores and rankings of Bollywood stars,” conclude Kaul.

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