Gold teaser, Raid trailer and first look still of Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 – these three things have hit the Bollywood news bulletin since last night. Akshay Kumar arriving first with the teaser of Gold has mesmerised everyone yet again. Let’s analyse all three and leave it on you to decide who is looking the best.


In a teaser of just over a minute, Akshay Kumar has nailed his suave look sporting a thin moustache and mastering the Bengali accent. He portrays the character of a Hockey Player who won India’s first gold medal at the Olympics. Set in the late 40’s the teaser captures the essence of the period perfectly, gripping the audience’s attention.

Akshay Kumar look in Gold
Akshay Kumar look from Gold

The intriguing teaser depicts the journey of a hockey player struggling to win a Gold medal for the nation. While India had been winning Gold medals playing for British, a man dreams of winning the Gold for India.


The second angle of this triangle is Ajay Devgn’s Raid. Releasing the poster in early morning and trailer a bit afterwards, makers are trying to make the most of Ajay’s trademarked intense shade. Declaring how Ajay is the hero without a uniform in this one, Ajay is taking a different route from his uniformed characters in Singham, Gangaajal, Zameer and many more.

Ajay Devgn's Raid
Ajay Devgn’s Raid

Last but not the least, Hrithik Roshan’s messy and dusky look in Super 30 is something came in as a surprise. The movie traces the life of the mathematician, Anand Kumar and his rise to fame after setting up the Super 30 program that promotes IIT aspirants in India. Unlike the plot, first look seems something which was not called for. Everyone was waiting for a geeky, nerdy look of a teacher writing on a blackboard but this was unexpected.

Hrithik Roshan's look in Super 30
Hrithik Roshan’s look in Super 30

So, out of all three – Akshay Kumar in Gold, Ajay Devgn in Raid or Hrithik Roshan in Super 30, which one look stands out for you? Vote your choice and share your thoughts about the same in the comments section below.




  1. No doubt. Hrithik Roshan will lead the show. One time only he lost due to the issues of Kankana and Suzan. Else Hrithik is the only one who can flight neck to neck with other Khan’s in india


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