Just as we were busy apprehending Akki’s hardcore action comedy thrashing Aamir Khan’s Talaash, here comes a huge jolt to the Khiladi 786 team. The film and its advertisements have been ceremoniously banned in Pakistan. Why? The ‘786’ tag is apotheosized by many Muslims and usage of the number can hurt Muslim sentiments. Hence, Pakistan Censor Board has called for a removal of all Khiladi 786 billboards, posters and trailers that hit the country since its inception.

Akshay Kumar in a still from Khiladi 786 Movie
Akshay Kumar in a still from Khiladi 786 Movie


Though the screening test for the film is yet to be performed by the Censor Board, Akshay Kumar who enjoys an inevitable amount of love and passion when it comes to the neighbouring country is up for a setback. After barring the advertisements featuring Khiladi Kumar in his comeback of sorts to the franchise, Censor Board Chairman Raja Mustafa Haider said that the appearance of the film might be objectionable to their Muslim population and hence they were advised to take up such a stance. But, then again, he has not confirmed to the final fate of the film; whether or not the film will release as slated before still remains unknown.

That would only be decided once they receive the final reels of the film and check through the film for any kind of irrelevant dialogues or scenes. As the scene is now, Akshay is surely going to be disappointed with such a piece of news, at a moment, when everyone seemed to be sky rocketing excited about the film.




  1. Not one song of khiladi 786 is original, each one of them is a cheap copy of some foreign song, if that is not enough then the movie also has breaking the jeep with one leg scene,etc. so much for a good movie, khiladi 786 is a disgrace


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