Baby, Gabbar Is Back, Brothers, Singh Is BliingThis is how Akshay Kumar’s filmography has read in 2015.

Airlift, Housefull 3, Rustom and more. This is how Akshay Kumar’s filmography is set to read in 2016.

If there is one man who is truly having a lot of fun in Bollywood, it has to be Akshay Kumar. All set to enter his silver jubilee year in the industry in 2016, the man – who has over 100 films to his credit – is comfortably averaging four per year, and counting.

All of this is being made possible because he is not resting. Moreover, his films wrap up within 45-55 days at an average, which gives him all the more breathing space to go ahead and experiment with different genres at a relentless pace.

Baby, Gabbar Is Back, Brothers, Singh Is Blinng And Airlift
Baby, Gabbar Is Back, Brothers, Singh Is Blinng And Airlift

What is all the more remarkable is the fact that he is freely experimenting with different genres, while being in the commercial space, and not making too much noise about it. One look at the films he has done over the last 10 years and it is there for all to see that at least one film has managed to leave a huge mark, and that too in varied genre:

2014 – Holiday [action thriller]
2013 – Special 26 [suspense drama]
2012 – Rowdy Rathore [action masala]
2011 – Patiala House [family drama]
2010 – Housefull [slapstick comedy]
2009 – Kambakkth Ishq [romcom]
2008 – Singh Is Kinng [comedy]
2007 – Namastey London [romantic musical]
2006 – Bhagam Bhag [comedy]
2005 – Waqt [family drama]

At the time when his peers have settled for one, or at maximum two films per year, Akshay Kumar has refused to slow down.

Result? 2015 has already seen a thriller, social drama, action flick and a comedy from him. Clearly, Akshay is going all out to show different facets of his acting talent and 2016 is looking further exciting, what with a thrilling drama (Airlift), slapstick comedy (Housefull 3) and a suspense thriller (Rustom) coming in next.

As for a romantic affair, one truly hopes that it is Vipul Shah’s next (is that going to be the sequel to Namastey London?) that would fit the bill. Or would it be some other film?

Well, let’s wait and watch; though rest assured that given the pace and volume at which Akshay Kumar operates, it won’t be too far away when a multitude of genres would be on display all over again.

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