Brothers Movie Poster
Brothers Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Shefali Shah, Jacqueline Fernandez, Jackie Shroff

Director: Karan Malhotra

What’s Good: For those who are fans of a good mix of emotion and action could love Brothers for its nature to shuttle between the two. Also, if you haven’t watched Warrior, this could be a novelty for you!

What’s Bad: I don’t know what I disliked more, Sidharth’s incompetency to perform in a role that Tom Hardy completely nailed or the extremely loose plot that is a shoddier version of Warrior.

Loo Break: First half is a good time!

Watch or Not?: Call for a DVD of Warrior and watch it! Unless over-the-top drama is your scene, you will not enjoy Brothers and if you still plan to, doze off in the first half, at least second is like watching WWE!

User Rating: 

The story takes off with the release of Gary Fernandez (Jackie Shroff) from prison who is a ex-fighter. In a senile state now. Gary is received by his younger son, Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) while his eyes keep searching to see the elder one David (Akshay Kumar). What follows is a flashback of how Gary landed up in jail and how after their mother Maria’s (Shefali Shah) death, Monty and David fall apart. While David pursues education and becomes a school teacher who is now married to Jenny (Jacqueline), Monty grows up as the notorious one whose anger is beyond his control thanks to his alcoholic nature. Monty has inherited Gary’s fighting skills and even enters the ring to show his father the same. David who has an ailing daughter is struggling with means and participates in street fights to make money resulting in him getting suspended of his job. While there is an emotional upheaval in the lives of Gary and Monty, R2F – Right To Fight, a popular mixed martial arts tournament is to be held in India which promises the winner a huge sum. David in order to save his daugter enters the competition and Monty too who wants to make his father proud. Soon the Brothers are pitted against each other in a finale which will not only shed blood but also their emotional distress.

Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra in a still from movie 'Brothers'
Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra in a still from movie ‘Brothers’

Brothers Review: Script Analysis

Brothers is an official remake of the 2011 Hollywood film Warrior and to start with let’s accept the Hollywood version itself was’t perfect enough except Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte’s performances. Thus, the script at hand was already a average one. Brothers goes wrong thanks to its attempt to make it emotionally challenging. What it misses out on is a detailed carving out of its characters. David’s character is developed decently in the first half but completely loses the grip in the second and its as if he has dual lives. Monty’s character on the other hand remains the most disappointing. The writer’s at no point try to justify his angry-animal nature with any sort of backing. Its as if Monty is having a bad day everyday for no reason, exactly opposite to what Tom Hardy’s Tommy goes through in Warrior. With what the entire first half dwelling on developing the characters and their emotional hang-ups, the action is saved for second half which is not enough. With tear-jerking moments that actually don’t make you reach for tissues, the first half is so sluggish that you completely lose interest in watching the second one. Also even though we are well aware of what would be served as the end ,there is no attempt to create any enticing moment around it.

Brothers Review: Star Performance

Jackie Shroff as Gary Fernandez does a compelling job. In a scene where he has an emotional outburst, he truly makes an impact. He may given a set of white hair and ragged clothes to show his despair but his act definitely works more than his look.

Akshay Kumar is the perfect choice for the role of David. He is convincing as the forgiving elder brother and is of course a treat to watch when it comes to action.

Sidharth Malhotra once again fails to make gold of his opportunity. As Monty, he may have worked hard on the physicality but mentally, the actor fails to emote with the right turbulence for his role. His beefed up body is a work but the wooden expressions that go along with it are not very praiseworthy. Especially if you have seen Tom Hardy in Warrior, one feels sad about Sidharth playing the same part.

Jacqueline Fernandez as Jenny is quite a delight. She looks pretty sans make-up and taking the role of a mother is a good plunge for her. In the emotional scenes, she performs decently.

Shefali Shah moves from one dysfunctional family to another. After Dil Dhadakne Do’s classy wife, in Brothers, she is restricted to a middle-class life. Only an actress of her stature can both perform and underperform in a film. She is brillaint in the tear-jerking scenes but in some, she goes a little overboard.

Ashutosh Rana as David’s coach does a fine job. He is one actor who slips into any character with ease and we wish he had a role with more substance.

Kiran Kumar plays the role of the R2F organizer and its as if he stepped out from a 90s movie. His colorful suits and punchlines are unintentionally comic.

Kareena Kapoor’s item song brings the glamorous quotient in the film that could have been avoided altogether.

Brothers Review: Music, Direction

After watching Agneepath, I was very sure it was one of the best cases of remakes in Bollywood. Director Karan Malhotra had got it all perfect from casting to the script and hence there were high expectations from Brothers. This time with a Hollywood film at hand, Karan seemed to try hard to make it palatable for Bollywood cine-goers and that is where it falls flat. He fails to build up pace in the first half and hurries towards the end with a abrupt finish. The agile camera work required for fight scenes is missing and hence you don’t feel each jab they plant on their opponents. The scenes where we see David and Monty working out for their tournaments are good.

A tighter editing could have worked for the film better. It stretches too long in the first half.

Background score and music by Ajay Atul is quite decent. Sapna Jahan makes for a good hear.

Brothers Review: The Last Word

Brothers is a remake that gets lost in the way since it is neither a complete rip off nor a refined Bollywood version. If you are looking for kick ass action, watch Warrior and if you are looking for a teary-inducing family drama cum action then watch Brothers. I am going with 2.5/5 for this.

Brothers Trailer

Brothers releases on 14th August, 2015.

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  1. Well coming from the same industry, I strongly follow Koimoi since more than 2 years for it’s box office numbers and related news and quite enjoy it. I also open the App at least twice daily to keep myself updated with the current affairs of Bollywood. Thanks for the great job done so far.
    But, this movie review of “Brothers” is more of a comparative analysis with “Warrior”. We would want to know about this movie from an open mind perspective but sadly this review is not about “Brothers”, but only based on comparison. Most of the Indian audience (TG) must have not seen “Warriors” and spoiling the review based on this comparison is pointless. Reviews should talk about movies and their technical aspects only and not to sit and compare them with other movies. Sad – I would rate this review 1 star, Sorry :-)

  2. tum koimoi wale doob mrao kisne diya hain aise sarm karo koimoi walon sarm karam rating sabke 3 se upar hain eske 2.5 hain eske wesite band honi chahie

  3. C***a site!
    I m sure you support only Khans!
    U idiot critic, plz first watch BROTHERS then give review bcz u did’nt watch it!
    U gave 3.5* to Dhoom3, Kick,CE like movies & 3* to BABY,Drishyam U should Grow up!

  4. i just finished movie …… of best action movie and don’t cpmpare hollywood movie movie beacuse agar uski copy kr dege to ye bolege koi copy kr diya h and agar kuch add kiya h to bol rhe ki overdoes h

  5. review dene vali madamji pehle movie dekho jakr…compare karne se kch nii hotaa…or nhii smj ataa to kaam chor do..ya fekna chor do

  6. How much they have paid to give such a foolish review , i think you should left review movies only good review you will give for khans movies

  7. please reiview on the basis of indian cine goers taste who certainly need songs, melodrama nd all..the movie has missed unnecessary comedy coz it was not required..and it is injustice to compare a bollywood style movie with hollywood when it has made to target indian audience in our own style and yes warriors was flop movie so let indian audience like us to enjoy bollywood tadka story..coz lots of peolpe have not seen worriors..even i got to know abt the film after brother promo released and watched it very next day but still going to watch brothers on sunday coz mera dil hai hindustani !!!

  8. idiots indian audience idiots n reviews too. such an intense movie. if this film dont work then india dont deserve to have good films made. bajrangi type is all they deserve. fools

  9. Fed up by reading all the reviews given by KOIMOI… Sorry to say but you dont know how to give ratings, reviews.. Go and watch this movie once again.. Kabhi to achi ratings ya reviews de diya karo and please STOP COMPARING

  10. SB aide hi h ye koimoi wale khan ki movies ko review ache dete h ……HD h plz grow up …..give gud review for akki movies

  11. Wow…What a Movie…Fantastic and Outstanding Movie…Dear Surabhi Redkar…Plz Watch the Film with open eyes and don’t compare with others…If u all have the authority Then U Make Sholay The great movie also a Flop One…more films like DDLJ…Did U like Bajrangi Bhaijaan??? By the way Happy Independence Day…

  12. what a stupid review ! Koimoi u should fire this reviewer , she takes off her pissed off mood on movies! Brothers was excellent and yes it had some drama but keep in mind this is the official remake of brothers in indian style! Sidharth made a huge impact on the audience by his perfomance he was great and akshay mind blowing as always! Upset with this review!!

  13. Akshay kumar always did maintain a good variation of roll and acting but i can’t understand why d people liked Bajrangi bhaijaan but don’t like akshay’s fantastic movies?

  14. super hit. super super super.

    Wow…What a Movie…Fantastic and Outstanding Movie…Dear Surabhi Redkar…Plz Watch the Film with open eyes and don’t compare with others…If u all have the authority Then U Make Sholay The great movie also a Flop One…more films like DDLJ…Did U like Bajrangi Bhaijaan??? By the way Happy Independence Day…

  15. Brothers is a waste movie. Please do not waste your money in this shit movie. I think how the genius Karan Johar remade such a movie. Karan why don’t you remake movie like Taken, Transporter or some Malayalam movies like Mumbai Police or Kamal’s Raghavan? Something like the edge of the seat thriller. The movie has no interesting story and the first half is slow & boring and the second half is just wrestling. You can better enjoy WWE rather this movie. Dharma Productions which presents the Blockbuster Bahubali now presents Brothers. What a downfall? Grow up Karan and make some interesting movies with good content and not for box office numbers.

  16. This movie shows Bollywood has grown. The action in this movie reminds me of Akshay Kumar when he started his acting career, ever famous for his real life fighting knowledge. This movie is not short of any big jet li or jackie chan movies, i would not be afraid of comparing this movie with Tony Jaa fight scenes.
    Indian cinema is now fun to watch. Real fight scenes, Not tamil movie flying fights

  17. Jackie Shroff acted so well as the father. Jackie came out with flying colors. Choose your roles carefully Jackie dada!
    You are happening now. Good luck in the future.

  18. When the tough get going, audiences are happy to toughen it out too. Here we see the brothers go at each other, limbs snapping at each blow, and all we can hear is ‘bhaiyyaaa’.


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