Vipul Shah has finalised the release date of his film, Action Replayy. It will come on Diwali. The Akshay-Aishwarya starrer will have Golmaal 3 for company as that film will also hit the screens on 5th November on the occasion of Diwali. Vipul Shah, who believes in numerology, is convinced about no. 5 being good for him. His Aankhen and Namastey London were released on 5th and 23rd (2+3=5) respectively. Eight is another lucky number for the filmmaker because that’s his birth date. His only films which did not hit the screens on 5th or 8th were London Dreams and Waqt – The Race Against Time.

Numerology yes…. but there’s a limit

Although Vipul Shah has faith in numerology, he refuses to be a slave to it. Says he, “One numerologist suggested that I drop my middle name (father’s name) from my name but I refused to do so. I started writing my name as ‘Vipul Amrutlal Shah’ instead of ‘Vipul Shah’ for emotional reasons and only after my father’s demise. So there was no question of my going back to using just ‘Vipul Shah’. The numerologist told me ‘Vipul A.L. Shah’ would be the best for me but I refused to budge. Numerology can’t be above emotions.”

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