Unlike many new comers who sound or try to sound diplomatic, Akshara Haasan, who is all set with her debut film Shamitabh alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush says she is on for the game.


Talking out her mind on the head strong competition in Bollywood, the actress says, “Competition is healthy. It will make me do better, it’s to make each other do better everyday, it’s constantly setting higher and higher bars. I see so many talented people out there and say to myself, if they can do why can’t I. Mr. Bachchan and Dhanush has so much energy. Sometimes I feel really tired, I just look at them and say, if they can do then common you can do it.”

Akshara Haasan at an event
Akshara Haasan at an event

Further talking about her selection of films from now on she adds, “I am open to any, because I feel there is no limitations out there, so why limit yourself. And I have no ego at all of any sort. If I am fit for any role, I am up for it. And with debutant directors, yes, if I am apt for their role, I will do it.”

With the confidence she carries, Akshara might lead a trail in Bollywood.

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