Both stars are well known for their action roles, but have also made their mark in comedy. Sanjay Dutt was once the bad boy of Bollywood while Ajay Devgan was the bike-smashing action hero. Happily married, both are now finely treading the action and comedy genres with panache.

Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt (Rascals Movie Stills)

While All The Best was produced by Ajay, Rascals is co-produced by buddy Sanjay Dutt. Is Ajay returning the favour by acting in his friend’s film? “Sanju and I are more than friends, we are like brothers. If I ask Sanju to do a film, he will not question me. If Sanju asks me to do a film, I won’t question him. There are no favours or paybacks in my relationship with Sanju,” says Ajay without missing a beat. “If either of us feels that the film won’t work, we will tell the other person so.”

So is the saying that “Bollywood stars cannot be friends” a myth? “I have been in the industry for almost 20 years now. Everyone has loved me and people have been genuine,” says Ajay. So whom does he consider among his friends? “I’m shooting with Abhishek Bachchan. And there’s Salman Khan also (as a friend). We know that we have each other.”

Good to see that these Rascals take their friendships off-screen too.

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