A tale that is being revamped after almost two decades, a love saga that had revolutionized Indian romance on screen much before a Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge modernized the term ‘love’, Ashiqui had made Rahul Roy an overnight star! With a sequel to the hugely successful Ashiqui franchise, will the same happen for Aditya Roy Kapur as well?


In the four years that Kapur has been in the industry, this is his first solo lead film and grapevines says that the Kapur lad has packed in quite a punch. With the lovely love-making scenes making a buzz, Aditya shuns apart from the typical style and retorts back, “Well there is not much of an intense love making scene in the film. There are a few intimate scenes which are normal for any couple in love but there is not much of an eyeball grabbing love making scene in Aashiqui 2. Ashiqui 2 is more of an intense drama, a heart trenching love story of two individuals that will take everyone through the emotional wringer for sure.”

Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur in a still from Aashiqui 2 Movie
Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur in a still from Aashiqui 2 Movie

Mahesh Bhatt, who has scooped out the best erotic films on the platter in the past decade, thereby boxing the Vishesh films banner into making eroticism the flavor of the season was all smiles with Aashiqui 2 being the first U-certified film after a decade, almost! “We have served a lot of eroticism to the people in the last decade. When no one was taking that risk, we made it a possibility that eroticism was served to the people. But yes the U certificate for Aashiqui was an intentional move, an intentional transition that we made because we felt that at the turn of the century when India changed and people here started watching films which were global, we have to add erotica to the movies that we made and we found tremendous success. The last ten years financially have been the most successful in the history of Vishesh film’s journey. But with your peak comes a certain realization that when the sun reaches the top, the climb down begins! So if you don’t make that move, chances of you getting tied to that spot and withering away are more.”

Shraddha Kapoor who has gleefully played the shy, docile yet innately strong Ria Dialdas in her last ‘Luv Ka The End’ had her reasons to sign up this film after a sabbatical of almost two years. “I was waiting for the right story to come my way these two years. I wanted to be a part of the film that I could give my life for and I don’t think I would want to do any film unless that feeling came. So it had to be this film.”

The palpable chemistry between the two has struck the right chords and Shraddha feels, ‘it is very overwhelming for both of them and their love to be appreciated by the audiences.’ On questioned whether the two will again share screen space, Shraddha smiled and replied, “Definitely if the right script comes to both of us. We are very cool with each other. We crack jokes and have a lot of fun together.”

Aashiqui 2 releases 26th April, 2013.




  1. Aditya ur smile is killer,,,,,,
    and u two look great togther…….
    Egarly waitin for ur next romantic film.


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