Abhishek Bachchan Schools Exhibitor Comparing Other Actors To Akshay Kumar
Abhishek Bachchan Schools Film Exhibitor Who Compared Akshay Kumar To Other Stars(Pic credit: Instagram/bachchan, akshaykumar)

Abhishek Bachchan is an actor who never shies away from putting forward his opinion. Those who follow his Twitter handle are more aware of that. Most recently, when a film exhibitor compared all others to Akshay Kumar and said that they need to plan better, Bachchan decided to reply. Abhishek called the comparison unfair, and a debate began. Read on to know everything you should about this.

Film Exhibitor Akshaye Rathi took to his Twitter handle and put up an observation. In his tweet, he appreciated Akshay Kumar and said that he finishes off the entire shoot schedule in the time other stars take for the prep of a part. He also added that despite that Kumar’s films turn out to be bigger hits.



“Amazing how @akshaykumar finishes off the shoot of an entire film in the amount of time that other stars take to learn a skill which they need to act out in a small scene or so! And more often than not, his film turns out to be the bigger hit! More actors need to ‘plan’ better!” wrote Akshaye Rathi.

The tweet reached Abhishek Bachchan who decided to reply. Bachchan said it isn’t a fair comparison and people have different paces. “Not fair! Each to their own. Different people are motivated by different things. And have a different pace at doing things,” Abhishek wrote.

Later we saw Akshaye Rathi defending his stand and saying that what Abhishek Bachchan feels is perfect in normal circumstances and we need to generate a lot of work right now. “Chief, under normal circumstances…that’s perfectly cool. Right now, the ONLY way to revive the whole ecosystem is by generating a lot of work! And that can only happen if all our top actors / film makers push up the tempo. If nothing else, it will atleast give people hope!” Rathi wrote.

Abhishek Bachchan replying to the same said that Rathi’s idea will only damage the industry in the long run. “Good work begets more work! Cannot be making films form just the sake of making films. In the long run you will end up doing more damage to the industry. It’s a bit of a catch 22,” The Ludo actor wrote.

While in their conversation further Akshay Rathi and Abhishek Bachchan were having a healthy debate about cinema halls and bringing people in, a troll decided to make fun of Bachchan’s speed. The actor replied to him writing, “Mr. Prabhakar. During this pandemic, I completed a web series, a documentary and finished 3 films. Released and promoted the web series, 1 movie and the documentary too. I don’t think speed is my problem, neither intent.”

Catch the conversation here:

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