The first trailer of Aamir Khan starrer Talaash may well be included in the final prints of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Don 2. Don’t be surprised! Since both the films are produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar (under the banner of Excel Entertainment), they have taken a call to add the trailer of their next film, Talaash, directed by Reema Kagti, in their film due for release, i.e. Don 2.

Shah Rukh Khan In Don 2, Aamir Khan In Talaash Come Together The Don And The Cop.
Come Together: The Don and the Cop.

Of course, this would only happen if Reema is ready with the trailer by 15th December as Don 2 will be released on 23rd December. And if that happens, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan will finally ‘come together’!

Talaash, starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji, is scheduled to release in 2012. The film’s previous working titles were Zakhmi and Dhuan.

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  1. on Talash promo attach wid DON2.. salman he is not like u killer,b*****d who wears human being shirt n fears,,frustrates with “DON2 promo attached wid BOdyguard” (reliance distributor both”.. ASS GAyMIR he is also not like u who promotes their mov GAYJNI, 3idiots, delhi belly by saying bad 2 him… SHAH RUKH IS wat he is ,, KING of hearts..wat KING can do CHARACTER dheela BoseDKs cant do.sluts like gaymir motherer r not useful ,, but this is india anything can happen

    • my dear Yeshu, stop talking about SRK’s greatness and use your brain. SRK has done no favours or meherbaanis, both movies are made under Farhan Akhtar’s banner so he is the one doing it, CLEAR????

    • Yes, SRK is in desparate need of a big hit. By showing Talaash’s trailors along with Don2, Farhan Akhtar has done an intelligent job. This move will not only earn some profits to Farhan but also help SRK’s sinking career. People are mad after Aamir’s movies so they will die to even see the trailors and as a result the theatre will have quite a few seats occupied. SRK should thank Aamir for this move.

      • pooja tiwari@agar srk desparate hota toh RA.ONE jaisi flop film 115 crore hindi net tak business nahi karti samji. boydgaurd darr gaya don2 trailors.srk darpook nahi jo RA.ONE Jaisi film ko hit karsakta hai don2 sab ki faad de ghi khas karke teri

        • Rehan, agar 200 crs mae bani R.One ne 115 kama bhi liye tou kya kamaal kar diya? kitne saalo se sun rahe the R.One aa rahi hae R.One aa rahi hae, kya yahi woh film thi jiska itna ho hala ho raha tha aur aakir nikla kya? DABBA. Anyways I pitty u poor fans of SRK. You keep on hoping and SRK will go on with his flop movies. All the best!

      • Aamir is not in the competition. He is undoubtedly the best, that’s why his name is not mentioned hence the comp is between the rest of them. Need more clarifications dear??

      • aamir is different class…competition among the others who are in same class…u can’t compare GOD of hindi cinema & the superstars:))

      • Naveen. u know what after watching Don2 trailors Salman and Aamir could not stop laughing. They said ‘not again boss, another similar movie’ they laughed so much that they passed out. The trailors reminds me of Dhoom2, accept that in dhoom it was abhishek and hear its Priyanks

  2. after watching RA-one, i dont think anybody wil watch DON2… instaed of RA-one i think one shud watch ram gopal verma’s AAG.

  3. I like to share with you guys,might be Salman and Aamir fans dont like me, but it is true.Salman.Aamir and Ranbheer Singh they are bi-sexuals,i dont care you guys believe me or not, it is true.

    • Zem, I think R.One’s failure has made you crazy. When a person explains the meaning of ‘GAY’ or ‘BIOSEXUAL’, e.g of Shahrukh Khan is given. Even if u ask a new born baby about this, the kid will immediately reply ‘SRK is a gay’……………and like a idiot person u are taking Aamir’s name. Go and have a mental checkup done.

  4. thank you pooja, its confirmed that you also a huge and crazy fan of aamir like me,,, Aamir rockzzzzzz,, waiting for Dhoom 3

      • dar poojafinally GAYMIR had toick KING’S shoe fr the release ofhs movie n e way everyone ill watch DON 2 for sure it is not becoz of GAYMIR,bu it sthe magic of
        KING KHAN
        That GAYMIR,LALLU n AKHA llr tars in dis stupi country like India ut Shahrukh has fans all oer the world n undoubtfully Shahrukh is the best …

  5. Thank you pooja for your supporting Aamir.
    After one hundred year indian people will remember
    Mr Aamir khan not any commercial hero.

  6. There should not be any competition between aamir and srk. May be srk is successful commercial hero
    or heartbeat of indian ladies but it is not the final
    definiation of a hero for ever. That definition goes to
    Mr Aamir khan who is the real empire of indian cinema
    for ever.

  7. if SRK is the ‘FALSE’.. “KING KHAN” and “BADSHAH” of bollywood then AAMIR KHAN is ‘TRUE’… “CENEMATIC GENIOUS” and GOD OF ACTING in indian cenema….

  8. Those are stupid, who says that Gaymir Khan(Aamir) is no. 1 actor & versatile actor. They does not have any sense about ‘Acting’ & ‘Movie’. In very good script, very good story(plot), very good direction, very good songs etc. an ordinary actor can show him as a good actor….ha….ha…ha….in so many films with bad script, bad story, weak direction, songs…only ‘Big B’ and ‘SRK’ has made them ‘blockbuster’ only by their super & multi acting talent and super star power. Again with the good script, story, screen play, songs, direction they made them both blockbuster & outstanding, mind-blowing, memorable among all the audience by their super acting talent, both of their awards & honors lists (National and International) says it. After living cinema hall people can’t remember Gaymir Khan’s acting, they can remember just only the good story of his movies…ha…ha…ha…but people can remember actors like Big B, King Khan, Mithun Da, Dilip Kumar etc. acting style and character, even their film is with good script or bad script, because only they can make their acting and character so lively, stylish & memorable to people. Gaymir’s acting has no style and liveliness……so he needs good scripts, screen play, direction, story, music etc…..ha….ha…ha…Some body says that Gaymir Khan is versatile actor. What kind of versatile? we see him as an action hero in ‘Ghajini’, where this Gaymir Khan was looked like just a ‘bichra hua mendaak(Frog)’, but not as an action hero, and his acting? how terrible!!! which stupid says, that an action hero needs a ‘mendaak(Frog)’ like facial expression all time? by this mindless film like ‘Ghajini’ it has been proved again that this ‘Gaymir Khan’ is not fit for this kind of ‘action hero’ images role……ha…..ha…..ha….
    What is versatility, SRK has shown us with his DDLJ, KKHH, Devdas, Swadesh, Chak De India, Paheli, Baadshah, Main Hoon Naa, Baazigaar, Daar, Anjaam, MNIK, Ra One, Don ( Don 2 is yet to come) etc. where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Villanious’ or ‘Negative’ Image (Baazigaar, Daar, Anjaam)? Where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Action’ Image (Don, Don 2- also super villanious)? Where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Super Hero turned Action Hero’ Image(Ra One)? Where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Kabir Khan’ Image (Chak De India)? Where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Mohan Vergav’ Image (Swadesh)? Where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Drunken Devdas’ Image (Devdas) ? Where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Surinder Sahani’ Image (RNBDJ)? Where is Gaymir’s SRK like Memorable & Successful ‘Autism Patient’ Image (MNIK)?….the only answer is for Gaymir Khan is…No where and Never……ha…..ha….ha…..but SRK can make block buster and memorable both ‘good script & bad script movies’ !!!….where this Gaymir Khan has taken the challenge by act with legendary actor Big B? no where and never!!! But Big B and SRK acting chemistry is one of the greatest & most successful acting chemistry in Indian Film History, it has been proved now !!!…where this Gaymir Khan has taken the challenge by remaking again the legendary actors legendary films like ‘Devdas’ and ‘Don’? ….again the answer is no where and never…but we know only SRK has taken this kind of challenges with his ‘brave heart’ & ‘super multi acting talent’ and made them super successful, memorable & block buster and also it has been proved that SRK has ‘passed’ this ‘exam’ by getting distinction.
    This Gaymir Khan is just an idiot, jealous, stupid & over rated hypocrite…nothing more than this….only some purchased & biased media critics(or ‘creatures’?) by Gaymir Khan can say that ‘Gaymir is perfectionist & methodical actor’!!!…..ha…ha…ha…Rubbish…..acting is an art….and art has no ‘formula’ or ‘method’ like mathematics……acting is the ‘expressions of inner feelings’…..which only can just ‘feel & express’… !!! some times ‘gimmicks’ and ‘gossips’ create helps to make records, which this Gaymir Khan has made with his over hyped ‘Ghajini’ and ‘3 Idiots’, we all know about this….ha…ha…ha….
    All these legendary actors like Dilip Kumar, AB(Sr.), Uttam Kumar, Mithun Da, Nasiruddin Shah, Om Puri, Kamaal Hassan, SRK, Robert De Nero, Marlon Brando, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, George Clooney, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt etc. does not need any so called ‘formula’ or ‘method’ or any ‘mathematical calculation’ to show their super and memorable acting talent, skills or power, b’coz they have in born acting talents and skills, they can feel & express properly, only these legendary actors are able to spread an outstanding, memorable and mesmerizing long lasting remarks on peoples mind & heart by their acted character, even the film is with either good script or bad script or it is either a ‘parallel-off bit type’ movie or ‘main stream type movie’, it doesn’t matter to them.To make this kind of impression on peoples mind and heart, an actor needs outstanding & extraordinary acting talent and also mighty & super star power, which this ‘Gaymir Khan’ does not deserve, so this stupid ‘Gaymir Khan’ needs ‘good script’, ‘good story’, ‘good direction’, ‘good music’ and also his so-called ‘method’, ‘formula’ & ‘mathematical calculation’!!!! What a joke…ha…ha…ha…..ha…..stupid ‘Gaymir Khan’ and also all of his stupid, mind less ‘fans’ are just ‘illiterate c******’……who know nothing about movies and acting and also who think themselves as so called ‘intellectual’ & ‘intelligent’!!!!!…..ha…..ha…..ha……. if SRK is SACHIN TENDULKAR for his acting talent & records, then GAYMIR KHAN is just only VINOD KAMBLI……who can create just only gimmicks, gossips, hypes and hypocrisy !!!!……
    By the way KING KHAN(SRK) has more than 3.5 billions fans all over the world (NASA says “a parallel Universe has created by SRK” !!!), and they are always standing like a ‘great wall of China’ between all of you ‘evil c******'(SRK haters) and ‘The beloved KING KHAN’, to protect our SRK’s ‘world wide empire’. So try buddies try, but you can’t br succeed.!!!……Gaymir’s one TZP(which carries ‘hypocritical’ so called message), one LAGAAN (which carries ‘stupid & illogic’ concept and ‘wrong history’) or one 3I(which carries ‘old & rotten’ so called message)…..can’t deserve it…. This Gaymir Khan and Nanga Pehelwan (Salman Khan) both of them have to be our KING KHAN’S (SRK) just a ‘Ghulam’ or just a ‘Bodyguard’ for ever, ever and ever …….ha…..ha……ha……ha………lastly I can say for Gaymir Khan just one sentence that : “Chala Murari(Gaymir) hero banne, kahan ‘raja bhoj’(SRK) aur kahan ‘gangu teli’(Gaymir Khan) !!!!!…..ha…ha….ha….ha…..Ooh…..wait ! this ‘Gaymir Khan’s up comming ‘DHOOM-3’…….after release, it is going to be a big & major ‘DOOM-3’….ha….ha….ha…..ha….!

  9. i think don 2 will became mega flop like Ra one bcaz i saw original don of megastar Amitabh and don of shahrukh, in comparison with amitabh starer don and srk starer don i found srk not looking like don that’s why that movie was failed, and again don 2 i cant tolerate. so friends save u r money.


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