Did You Know? Aamir Khan Was Once Denied Entry Into Saurav Ganguly's Kolkata House By His Guards
When Aamir Khan Was Thrown Out Of Saurav Ganguly’s Kolkata House(Pic Credit : Facebook/Sourav Ganguly Official, Wikipedia)

Superstar Aamir Khan, fondly called Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood, is known for his unique way to promote his films. He often manages to strike all the right chords of the audience with his unique strategies. However, once his prank failed and the result was unmissable.

Back in 2009, the superstar was promoting his film 3 Idiots which was helmed by Rajkummar Hirani. As part of his promotion, he disguised himself as a fan sporting a black T-shirt and jeans along with a wig and spectacles tried to enter Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly’s house. But it didn’t work as planned.

Aamir Khan even tried to speak in a Bengali accent to look authentic as a fan. He then walked on the streets asking bystanders the way to Sourav Ganguly’s house. Surprisingly, nobody recognised him in disguise. So when he finally reached Dada’s house and expressed his wish to take pictures with him to the guards at the gate. They mistook him for another Ganguly’s crazy fan, they didn’t allow the actor to even enter inside the gates and told him that the cricketer has been away and won’t return soon.

The video of Aamir Khan’s prank was shared on social media and went viral. Fans could not believe their eyes as was denied entry into Sourav’s home. In another video, Aamir was seen inside Sourav Ganguly’s Kolkata house wherein he was having a conversation with the latter alongside Kiran Rao.

They were seen discussing how Aamir’s prank failed. When Sourav told his wife Dona about Aamir’s failed prank, they couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the prank. Take a look at both videos below:

Later Aamir Khan gifted Sourav Ganguly a ring as a token of their new friendship. He also invited them for the 3 Idiots premiere.

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