Aamir Khan from Talaash
Aamir Khan from Talaash

It had been few days when all of us were complaining of Aamir Khan, the mastermind of film promotion and marketing strategies taking a backseat, much due to an alleged creative difference with director, Reema Kagti over the narrative of his upcoming thriller, Talaash: The Answer Lies Within. Just when the entire Media started pointing fingers at Mr.Perfectionist, he gave it right back with an instant blow that jolted many off their seats.


Amir, who seemed reluctant to promote his next film, ten days prior to the film’s release has finally come out in the open to make sure promotions for Talaash look different and refreshingly new and oh-so trademark Aamir Khan style! Well, and now as reports suggest, Aamir is carefully making that happen. In about a week left for all of us to experience Taalash’s spine chilling ride and evaluate Aamir’s marvel of a performance as the inspector investigating for a series of accidents happening on the same highway, Aamir’s grey cells have come up with an effective way to start their film promotions.

With a Windows 8 tie up and a CID episode already completed, Aamir has finally taken the red light route! Yes, in an extremely different promotional maneuver conceptualized by the man himself, Aamir would be seen promoting his film in a red light area near Kamatipura, the place where he wanted to have the music launch organized. Security reasons evaded the ceremony but Aamir has come up with another cracker as he plans to go night hopping in the red light areas of Kamatipura and the adjacent areas in and around Grand Road and The Fort. Aamir, just like his reel character Inspector Shekhawat, would be seen as the night bird investigating and hence promoting his film.

The main reason for such a move would definitely be the involvement of Kareena Kapoor who plays the role of Rosie, a prostitute who forms an integral and one of the most pivotal parts in the film. From the trailers, Kareena’s character can be seen getting involved with Aamir’s character at every point of the mystery thriller, sometimes providing clues and at times adding that mysterious tinge to her role.

Previously, the same trend could be noticed in his strategic ways of film marketing when he ceremoniously went for a Ghajini haircut campaign for Ghajini, an ‘Aamir ko dhundo’ promotional blitzkrieg for 3 Idiots, roamed around villages for Peepli Live, or a chance meeting with the washer men for Dhobi Ghat. So such a move from Aamir was kind of expected. Now all that needs to be seen is whether this boosts the film’s success and whether Aamir Khan scores in his top cop act yet another time after Sarfarosh!

Talaash: The Answer Lies Within is a deliciously scripted thriller and is all set to hit the screens worldwide on 30th November, after getting postponed for innumerable reasons. Other than Aamir Khan, the film also stars Bong beauty Rani Mukerji and the newest B-Town bride Kareena Kapoor in cardinal roles.





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