The earliest memory we all have of Kangana Ranaut is this semi-sloshed image of a woman, invariably sitting on the edge of some multi storeyed building. The vision had us all petrified for the young beauty who was always at a risk of falling down. But she simply soared, literally and metaphorically. Currently busy basking in the accolades she has won for herself post Queen, her Bollywood journey isn’t a success tale to elucidate and yet the actress’ canter defines her in a way that sets her apart from her colleagues in multiple ways.

The reason why she has been a rebel of sorts from the beginning can be gauged from her debut role. Who else can be audacious enough to debut in the industry with a character as negatively hued as that – infidel, a gangster’s lover, a betrayer and many more otherwise unacceptable things. But Kangana seemed as effortlessly uninhibited as possible. If people hail Queen for her bold work, Gangster sowed the seeds which culminated into Queen.

kangana ranaut
kangana ranaut


In an interview with Kangana recently, we asked her how she maintains her perseverance with varied roles. She says, “It is difficult to get the right balance. As actors we often have the tendency to drown in a certain role completely, ingraining in our sub conscious, the shades of that certain character. After a film, we often have the tendency of holding back a part of our characters in our systems. It takes a lot of weeks, sometimes months to flush out the characters from within us.” The remark clearly showed that she isn’t someone who takes her craft casually. She gets into the depth of her character and live it, not merely play it.

While she jabbered about how yoga helps in composing her, it was hard to sit back and not notice the confidence in the woman. Even if she has not been an actress and found success of the level she boasts of now, she would still have been a woman worthy of being looked up for the strength of her views. Success just increases her chances of being heard probably.

“The success of Queen ensures that the industry is a lot more supportive of me now. It is very nice for me that people are finally sitting up and not only noticing me, but motivating me as well.”

With a hattrick of titular roles up her way after Rajjo, Queen and then Revolver Rani, probably her career is going the way it correctly should. Unpredictably moving towards change. Ask her about it and she quips, “Change is relevant and important to all of us. Being stuck to moulds seen and done before is being silly. Even if the change in the kind of roles that are written these days, might not be ideal or proper but it’s worth a shot trying out new things.”

Ask her about her personal life, about an ideal man and you see the spark in her which sets her apart. She says, “Well if you find a companion well and good. But that’s not the aim of life! Companion will come my way when he has to but that isn’t the purpose of my existence. It’s good to have have someone with you but that isn’t the priority of my life.”

Currently awaiting the release of Revolver Rani and working on Tanu Weds Manu 2, here’s a woman who deserves a salute for her ideals and beliefs. Team Koimoi wishes Kangana, a very Happy Birthday and hope that the pressures of the world and doesn’t reduce her zestful spunk!

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