Sanjay Dutt has gone bald, added a paunch, is working on his biceps and looking forward to his comedy film called Chatur Singh Two Star. While the movie takes us back to his comedy avatar, the straw-wig-like-hair just doesn’t do the trick for us.

If you thought this was the most different this junior Dutt has looked, you are seriously wrong. looks at some of Sanjay Dutt’s quirkiest & weirdest roles  so far:

6. Jeeva

Jeeva 1 & 2 Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles

In the 80s, Sanjay Dutt was eager to shake off his lover-boy image that had stuck to him after Rocky. One of the movies that he acted in, to live up to the ‘bad boy’ image was Jeeva. In his role, Sanju dabbled with comedy, donned the cartridge belt (quintessential dacoit transformation) but maintained his heart of gold even behind that gun-toting persona. Ever seen a fierce bandit afraid of a dog? If not, you have to watch this one!

5. Sadak

Sadak Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles
Robert De Niro squirms every time anyone in the world looks at a Sadak poster.

A remake of the Hollywood cult film Taxi Driver, the Bhatt’s added their mirch-masala to the film to make Sadak.

Sadak 6 Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles

So what’s Sanjay Dutt doing on top of a cross? Why is his face smeared with blood that looks like red paste? Watch the film to find out. Go on, we dare you!

4. Mera Faisla

Mera Faisla  Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles
How can ladies resist those sexy eyes?

While a droopy eyed, bored/menanicing Sanjay Dutt stares at you in the poster, what awaits you inside is worse…

Mera Faisla  Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles

Sanjay dressed up as a damsel in distress, complete in pretty pink, jewellery and even nail paint for his role! And we’re glad Sanju never dared to wear drag again.

3. Khal Nayak

A crazy criminal and a beautiful undercover cop on his trail. Sanjay Dutt went over and out to play the psychotic criminal with an eye patch.

If you don’t believe us, the poster should do much of the talking. Notice the black-and-white suit with a red heart? Bull’s eye!

2. Daud

Daud Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles
It's definitely not going uphill from here sweetheart!

Remember Daud? That crazy Ram Gopal Varma movie in which Urmila Matondkar and Sanjay Dutt with weird songs in the jungle? Maybe this should refresh your memory:

Throwing erotica out of the window, the song looked more like Urmila doing gymnastics around a very mannequin-like Sanju, whose only job was to act as a support structure for Urmila to continue her stunts on.

1. Rudraksh

Rudraksh Movie Poster Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles
Warning: What you see is NOT what you get!

Probably one of the most misleading posters we’ve ever come across. While we were promised a sci-fi thriller, you couldn’t make out head or tail of all the rubbish going on on-screen! Sunil Shetty and Sanjay Dutt looked like hairy apes that were in desperate need of a bath (and a haircut). So his babe Bipasha Basu does end up giving him a haircut in the movie. Does that help? No, they should have shredded the script instead.

Rudraksh Movie Poster Weirdest Sanjay Dutt Roles
Hair, sparkles & colour changing eyes: Twilight anyone?

They also give Sanju glowing red contact lenses, green lenses, vampire fangs – it’s like the makers were determined that nothing should salvage his role!

Have any other roles that we should have added to the list? Tell us in the comments section below:

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