Bollywood’s Fashion trends have always been an inspiration for every woman. With each changing season, there are various trends constantly adding up to our bucket list. Here are top 5 fashion tutorials to help you keep with the chic look this season:

1. Say YES to ruffles, frills and flares:

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

Ruffles have grown to be an ornament to women’s clothing. Just like an accessory that marks a statement when worn on-point, frills and flares do the aforesaid. Carry a dress with some nice ruffles or frills on the shoulder or on the front and there you are, ready to rock and roll! Bollywood’s style diva, Sonam Kapoor, often can be seen carrying this style statement.

2. Denim’s still IN:

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Just when we thought it’s time to say goodbye to Denim, Bebo came up with new notes for denim fashion. In a recent movie promotion, Kareena wore a denim jacket and paired it with a stylish skirt. You heard it right, DENIM ON DENIM! She added the same pattern to her stilettoes and we were absolutely in love with the look! In a recent shoot for Femina, Sonam Kapoor too added a denim jacket to her dress, and it totally supplemented the chic look.

3. Slicked Back Hair:

Deepika Padukone

One of the trendiest style that is carried by almost every actor today is slicked Black hair. From Deepika to Anushka Sharma, the trend’s all viral and it doesn’t seem to halt anytime soon. Another style that can be carried is slicked hair pony-tail which can be tied either high or low. Furthermore, it’s a total yes to slicked bun!

4. Traditional is never too old:

What could be a better example than Sonam Kapoor’s attire at Cannes 2018? Sonam totally rocked her magnificent look with a lehenga designed by Ralph and Russo and complimented it with a braid. BUT no one can beat the Indian attires when compared to Karisma Kapoor, who dazzles every attire of that kind.

5. Subtle is the new stylish.

Keeping it subtle is in itself a style statement. Nude is THE way to go since the beginning of 2018, be it in terms of clothing, lip colours or eye make-up. One thing to be noticed and noted in every picture above is the lip shade. Yes, every actor prefers keeping it subtle with light and nude shades. We term Alia Bhatt, the queen of subtleness, and if you want to be an expert in the field, you definitely need to take notes from her!


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