His sassy, loud, funny style wins him both bouquets & brickbats. And filmmakers as well as fans acknowledge his natural style of acting. As Ranveer Singh turns 30, we find five reasons why this actor is a Bollywood superstar in the making.

1. Whacky Fashion Sense

Ranveer Singh at an event
Ranveer Singh at an event


From floral suits, to bowler hats to studded shoes & geometrically mis- shaped goggles, Ranveer has always won clothes that one can’t wear on the street anywhere with flair. While some find his style over the top, he carries it off with élan and actually has designers lining up to customize trendy menswear for him. We think his quirky fashion sense sets him apart from his contemporary heroes. That he can carry off understated clothing, as is evident in his films, only goes on to prove his versatility in fashion.

2. Versatile Acting Skills

Ranveer Singh in a still from movie 'Lootera'
Ranveer Singh in a still from movie ‘Lootera’

Off screen he is loud, talkative & always funny. Onscreen though, Ranveer has proven his ability to get into the skin of his characters effortlessly. He played Kabeer Mehra in ‘Dil Dhadhakne Do’ with sauve urban comfort. In ‘Lootera’ he played the role of a conflicted thief with few words and loads of expressions. In his debut film, ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ Ranveer made you believe he is an earthy North Indian boy, not once reminding you of his posh Mumbai upbringing. Ranveer’s acting skills will be tested the most in the forthcoming Sanjay Leela Bhansali epic ‘Bajirao Mastani’; a role for which he has made quite a few adjustments to his life. Going by his record, he isn’t set to disappoint.

3. Sense of Humour

Be it the controversial AIB Roast, or the entertaining IIFA awards, Ranveer has shown a charming ability to laugh at him. His bromance with Arjun Kapoor notwithstanding, he cracks jokes that connect with the junta; and laughs at his failures too. Yes some do find it a bit too much at times, but overall, his sense of humour has made his quite popular amongst youth everywhere and set him apart in an uber serious, self obsessed Bollywood star system.

4. His Love for his Lady love Deepika

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone at an event
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone at an event

They are together unofficially, which is funny given that everyone knows it, and loves to see them together. Chemistry that sparked on the sets of ‘Ram Leela’ has blossomed into a full-fledged love story; with Deepika staying by his side when an injured shoulder compelled him to get bed rest earlier this year. While Deepika likes to underplay the relationship, Ranveer is effusive in both praise & love for her. He stated that she should work with filmmakers like Woody Allen! And has called her super talented at every given opportunity. His penchant for praise for Deepika makes him endearing to everyone.

5. Mr Popular of Filmmakers

Ranveer Singh at an event
Ranveer Singh at an event

As one of the first actors to be adopted by the Yashraj banner, Ranveer was expected to stick to mainstream, commercial cinema. He tasted success with his debut film for the banner. But by choosing the right mix of films, Ranveer has successfully bridged artistic, qualitative cinema & masala products. His cooperative nature on set & his friendly approach to crewmembers make him very popular with filmmakers. His commitment to work is validated by Sanjay Bhansali, a perfectionist, working with him for a second time on his dream project. Ranveer, selective while picking his roles, has displayed his range and earned goodwill from directors- a factor that goes a long way in cementing his success.




  1. Ha ha one of the best jokes I ever came through

    Like we heard India will be developed country by 2020

    Same was written for Vivek Oberoi.

    Everyone knows what is his status now.

    Ha ha, I cant stop laughing

  2. But where’s the overseas points. Bajirao had also made. That was not included for Ranveer. Why is it so. He has overseas points from both bajirao and now padmavat.


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