Till not too long ago, it used to take at least some years for records to be broken. There used to be films which used to break records at some centres or in some circuits or some cinemas within weeks of the release of the previous record-holding film, but breaking almost all records across cinemas, centres and circuits used to take a couple of years, if not more.

3 Idiots Movie Poster, Dabangg Movie Poster, Bodyguard Movie Poster
Bigger than the other: 3 Idiots, Dabangg & Bodyguard


The scene has changed today. It is quite usual for films to smash records within weeks or months of them being created. So, you had Dabangg breaking the first-day record of 3 Idiots and also the first weekend record of that film. Exactly a year later, Bodyguard has smashed the first day record of Dabangg and is all set to repeat the feat for the first weekend and first week too. The record collections of Bodyguard may look unachievable but it shouldn’t come as a surprise if new first-day, first-weekend and first week records are created before the year comes to an end. One major reason for this is the freedom to fix admission rates according to the exhibitor’s own free will. Another reason is the opening of new multiplexes almost every other week, making it possible for films to add to their revenues.




  1. Salman Bhai Again Rookkkk the Box office.. i watch the movie last night and i love salman bhai character in movie, kareena so beautiful and pretty…. ” complete entertainment” and 2nd half is better then Ist Half…!!! Love you Salman Bhai….. get well soon

  2. Some peoples was tried to brake down his image since couples of yrs but nobody hadn’t, now salman has proved he is real hero of these earth.Salman is salman.


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