In the latest news, Twitter is now been upgrading its tradition old rule of 140 characters tweet to 280 characters. No more Dat, Dis and Dey – now our Bollywood celebs will have some comfortable time while tweeting. With this upgrade, let’s look at the list of celebs who’ll be the happiest ones.


1. Baba Sehgal
“Congratulations @FloydMayweather, it was amazing to watch u & pacquiao together, if u get some free time, go watch haider..” No kidding – this is a legit tweet from Baba Sehgal. As we all know him as the rap legend of our industry – he will be happiest because now we will be able to read his even bigger raps. He can continue the above tweet – “if u get some free time, go watch Haider and later come to home to play Tomb Raider in this September’s rainy chilly weather”

2. Kamaal R Khan
Some wise words by KRK: “If you are a star n gets only 400-500 RT on your tweets then use name of KRK n guaranteed you will get more than 5000 RT coz of his stardom.” The reason behind choosing this tweet amongst millions of hilarious others is the irony behind this tweet. Claiming to get 5000+ retweets using his name, this tweet amassed just 31 retweets which is what 0.62% the promised? Now with 280 words Kamaal R Khan can abuse more, fake more and get trolled more.

3. Ram Gopal Varma
“My pleasantly unpleasant surprise is I am getting out of Twitter…To all my followers, no thanks for following me all these years,” Whose last tweet has such swag, who will not want him back when you have doubled the space? His Vodka-spoken tweets are being missed and we want Ram Gopal Varma back with 280 words.

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4. Rishi Kapoor
When you search “Rishi Kapoor best tweets” instead of his best films or songs you know this man is a tweet-pro. “Auto corrector kya hota hai? I typed “Married” it corrected to “Martyred” then in Hindi I typed “Shaadi” it made it “Shaheed” Smart phones??” – now with 280 character brace yourselves for some bigger jokes and sarcastic tweets.

5. Salman Khan
Salman Khan could finally complete his famous tweet, “Thought for the day . Hmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh , jaane do aaj kuch mat soocho .” Bhai, actually does not even require 140 words because – “Tweetak tweetak tweetiya I lv u” and “Thinking of tweeting today” and “Fill in the blank. Hv u watched the promo of?” However he is we still love him.

6. Twinkle Khanna
Twinkle Khanna is the sassiest when it comes to play with words. After ruling the twitter with 140 words she can now start writing mini columns with 280 characters. Here’s one instance where she nailed brilliance x 160 times with this one – “Man: Where are u going? Fed-up Wife: Don’t have to tell you #RightToPrivacy now! Man:Talaq Talaq Talaq!Wife:TooLate TooLate Toolate #WhatAWeek”




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