2.0 trailer is just few moments away and the buzz is just growing with every passing second. If you’re here to read this, we know, just like us you also can’t hold your excitement for the trailer. Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson & a whole lot of VFX – it’s the costliest film of India and we can’t wait to see where all that 500 crores have been invested too.


Akshay Kumar being the antagonist has already won our curiosity with his looks and it’s just a never ending style school with Rajinikanth. Let’s analyse 5 things which we think will surely be a part of 2.0 trailer.

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2.0 Trailer: The Devil Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth’s Style & 2 More Things We’re Sure Will Be A Part Of It!

1. Akshay Kumar as Dr. Richard

Devil or genius? From the teaser the movie hints at a social message but it seems Akshay’s Dr. Richard just takes the wrong route to prove his point. Apparently it’s been said he’s a scientist and his look is the result of a failed experiment. It would be interesting to see the quirks his character will be given & they shouldn’t be serious.

2. A Never Aging Rajinikanth


We know the man uses makeup to look like what he’s but, guys, he’s 67. His passion to act and perform action scenes at this age is just endearing and demands all our respect. He’s looking sharp and neat from the teaser and posters and that sound he makes towards the end of the teaser says a lot about his character.

3. A. R. Rahman’s Music

Rahman has been an instrumental part throughout the journey of 2.0. He has been involved in it since the start and we’ve seen how well the background score of Robot (Enthiran) was. The songs haven’t actually clicked as well they should’ve been but there is a lot on stake for the background score of the film.

4. An Otherworldly VFX!

540 crores – this is how much the makers have invested in to make us go through another world of VFX. The teaser was just a glimpse of what’s about coming but the trailer will clear all the doubts about what we’re going to witness.




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