Can you believe it? As if KRK entering politics was any less, now the famed item girl and controversy’s favorite child Rakhi Sawant is all set to contest for the Lok Sabha polls from the North-West constituency of Mumbai.

While KRK and Rakhi lock horns this elections, KRK tweeted, “If Rakhi Sawant will get more than 1000 votes then I shall leave India forever. It’s my challenge to Rakhi Ji.”


But what was more interesting was, the funny tweets on KRK vs Rakhi elections going viral. Check out these hilarious ones:

Rakhi Sawant and Kamal Rashid Khan
Rakhi Sawant and Kamal Rashid Khan

1) Dis is how d world ends | Rakhi Sawant to contest elections as an Independent from Mumbai

2) Now Sunny Leone is Bollywood star, Rakhi Sawant is fighting elections, Rahul Gandhi is PM candidate..”Bharat ki Janta ko Shat Shat Naman”

3) What Will Happen If Bipasha Basu, Mallika Sherawat, Neha Dupia, Rakhi Sawant Contest Elections In India.? Politics Will Become Transparent

4) Mumbai North-West constituency will feature KRK,Rakhi Sawant & Mahesh Manjrekar. So basically,next season of Bigg Boss is happening here.

5) Mumbai North West Elections is a Biggest Loser Jeetega Offer with Rakhi Sawant taking on KRK

6) Was suffering from acidity and restlessness since morning, but wasn’t able to vomit. Saw the pic of Rakhi Sawant in Green dress; Vomited; much better now

7) It’s Rakhi Sawant vs KRK in Mumbai North-West constituency. Most Probably “NOTA” Gonna Win this seat.

8) Rakhi Sawant vs KRK vs Mahesh Manjarekar for a Mumbai seat. Even Mogambo gave better ways-to-die options to his enemies.

9) I think the Constitution just killed itself after hearing that Kamaal R Khan and Rakhi Sawant have been given election tickets.

10) We have Rakhi Sawant, Kamaal R Khan & yet they say Chinese have the best torture techniques.

11) KRK & Rakhi Sawant Wil Contest In LS Election..Finally India Is Free Of Unemployment!

12) Rakhi Sawant can get maximum Christian votes if her party symbol is Jejus!

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