If you thought Alok Nath’s sanskaari tweets were the only thing you needed to hide from your parents, think again. Not just sanskaar and kanyadaan, Bollywood parents’ antics list is a really long one.

And, it can affect your parents too. Especially your mighty-hearted mothers; movies can influence them the most. From the infamous careless mothers to an evil mother-in-law, there are many motherly ludicrous acts that threaten you to bug your sweet and ever-caring mother and make a hell out of your life.

Koimoi.com brings you the Top 10 cliched mothers of Bollywood that you would never want to inspire your mother. Take a look:

Get careless and loose you in some way or the other:

Nirupa Roy in a still from movie 'Amar Akbar Anthony'
Nirupa Roy in a still from movie ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’

No, you would never wish that, dude! Getting lost in childhood and crying, “Maa.. Maa”, to end up not finding her again is a nightmare for everyone. ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Dharam Veer’, ‘Yaadon Ki Baarat’, ‘Johny Mera Naam’ and there are even hundred more movies that you never wish your mom to watch. They all show a careless mother who loses her child. Who knows if your mom gets lured by this, becomes careless and leave your hand in a mela or a storm or an earthquake! You would never want her to be that dukhiyaari maa, right?

So here’s the trick, whenever you see a Nirupa Roy on TV, change the channel!

Get kidnapped by the villain

Nutan in a still from movie 'Meri Jung'
Nutan in a still from movie ‘Meri Jung’

Imagine there’s a villain in your life. Hard luck, bro! Anyway, somehow a Salman Khan comes into you and you fight the villain’s men. But as soon as you reach his thikaana, who is there to welcome you? LOL! LOL! Here’s your mom! That too kidnapped! Spoiling, no?

However, every Bollywood hero had to bear this situation. Mothers were the softest targets to allow the villains to mouth, “Tumhari maa hamare kabze mein hai.”

Though it was norm back then, you would never want your mom to get kidnapped by the villain, would you?

Try black-magic on you

Kirron Kher in a still from movie 'Dostana'
Kirron Kher in a still from movie ‘Dostana’

No matter if you are serious or just enacting being in love, your mom can hell break loose on you if she has watched the 2008 movie, Dostana. From cursing her fate to passing rude comments, she can go to something as extreme as trying black-magic too if you don’t listen to her.

Remember Kirron Kher’s overtly famous, “Phoolo phallo… Khair, chhodo!” where she expresses her displeasure for his son falling for a boy? This is what that can happen to you too.

So note it down, guys, ‘Dostana’ is the movie to NOT let your mother watch!

Harass her daughter-in-law

Lalita Pawar With Pran
Lalita Pawar With Pran

Everyone knows that you love your mom the most, but what if she starts harassing your darling wife? Whose side would you take? Tough question, no? Certainly it is! Even a superhero cannot triumph this conflict and you are just a mango-man. However, being cruel to daughters-in-law was in trend in seventies and the most famous actress to constantly scheming against the pyaari bahu was Lalita Pawar. She was an epitome of evil mother-in-law of her times and her movies are the ones you would never want your mother to sneak a look.

Slap you every now and then

Beena Kak in a still from movie 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?'
Beena Kak in a still from movie ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?’

We know she had slapped you several times when you were a child. It’s okay, everyone has been through the same phase. But how about getting slapped every now and then even if you have grown an adult, become a successful doctor and got married too? Well, she can do all that if you fail to stop her from watching the comedy movie, ‘Main Pyaar Kyun Kiya?’. There are bright chances that Beena Kak’s character can inspire her.

So throw the DVD out and blindfold your mother when the movie comes on TV. Trust us, it will save you!

Scare you whenever you step in the house

Jaya Bachchan in a still from movie 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...'
Jaya Bachchan in a still from movie ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…’

While everyone went awwww watching Jaya Bachchan’s supernatural powers to know of Shah Rukh Khan’s coming in ‘K3G’, you know this would be a killer in real life.

Imagine you enter your house secretly after your night-out and what do see? Your mother, and that too staring anxiously at you. Wouldn’t that be scary? Hell, it will be! God knows how SRK and Hrithik managed to survive that! Our advice would be to keep your mother away from the movie so that she doesn’t get inspired and start meditating to attain the powers!

Shoot you when you turn into a gangster or a dacoit

Sanjay Dutt and Reema Lagoo in a still from movie 'Vaastav: The Reality'
Sanjay Dutt and Reema Lagoo in a still from movie ‘Vaastav: The Reality’

No, we aren’t saying that gangsters or dacoits should be let free. But wouldn’t their being shot by their mother be too much?

God forbid but if you turn into gangster any day, your priority should be to keep an eye on your mother so that she doesn’t get to watch ‘Mother India’ or Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Vaastav’. Remember what had Sr. and Jr. Dutt’s moralistic mothers done to them in the end? She had shot them. Trigger pulled. Shot fired. Bang!

You would never want that to happen to you, right?

Misguide you about your father’s heroics

Imran Khan and Ratna Pathak in a still from movie 'Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na'
Imran Khan and Ratna Pathak in a still from movie ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’

We get it! Yes, your mother doesn’t want you get into brawls. But wouldn’t it be too much if she claims your father to be non-violent if even he was a brave man? Certainly it will be! One would never want that. And to get your facts correct about your father, you must stop your mother from watching ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’. Who knows she may get inspired to play with the facts!

Raise you uneducated

Anil Kapoor and Aruna Irani in a still from movie 'Beta'
Anil Kapoor and Aruna Irani in a still from movie ‘Beta’

Though the chances are VERY thin for this to happen but you can’t trust these influential movies, you know! Sometimes a character can affect you a lot than you can imagine.

Remember Aruna Irani of the Anil Kapoor-Madhuri Dixit starrer ‘Beta’? Well, what if your mom watches the movie and raises you uneducated like Anil Kapoor? Where would you go? What would eat? How would you earn? Well, we guess we don’t need to say more as these questions are enough to scare you and not let your mother watch the movie.

Ask you to pay it forward

Nadira Babbar in a still from movie 'Jai Ho'
Nadira Babbar in a still from movie ‘Jai Ho’

Salman Khan’s latest movie, Jai Ho, was based on a basic principle of not thanking anyone but helping other three and asking them to do the same. The noble idea was proposed by Jai in the movie and supporting him was his mother. While this may sound too idealistic to be true to you and to escape the underlying embarrassment, you would want your mother not to watch the movie. But wait wait wait! Stop! We are this time in favour of letting her watch the movie. We will buy her a ticket of the movie and then make her read this article. If she likes it, we would request her not to thank us but share it among three of her mommy friends and ask them to do the same. Khushi milti hai, remember?

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