Alok Nath and Neil Nitin Mukesh weren’t the last of people subjected to massive ridicule by the peeps on Twitter. The recent one upping the victim’s score is actress Yami Gautam who recently found herself at the receiving end of the viciousness of tweeple was ridiculed for her Fair and Lovely Endorsement.

After the Unfair & Beautiful Idea of actress Nandita Das went viral, many actresses dusky or otherwise have come out verbally in support of abandoning the idea of fairness creams. Yami, however, was meted out with more harsh jokes.

Let’s take a look at what the Twitter brethren had to say about her :

Yami Gautam
Yami Gautam

1) Yami Gautam fasts during Navratri by not using Fair & Lovely for 9 days.

2) Yami Gautam does not get toothpaste endorsements because her teeth can never look whiter than her face.

3) Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, Michael Jackson releases a new single, “Black or Yami Gautam”

4) If Neil Nitin Mukesh marries Yami Gautam… I m sure their kids will be CFL bulbs.

5) How to turn Black Money into white you should ask #yamiGautam

6) In the new Ad of Fair and Lovely. #YamiGautam is looking more brighter than her future. :P

7) Once Rajnikant blessed an African girl that she would turn very fair, that girl is today known as #YamiGautam

8) There is new fairy tale in town – #YamiGautam and the seven dwarfs

9) #YamiGautam only walks on the black part of zebra crossing to avoid getting run over.

10) Yami si safedi nirma se aaye , rangin kapda bhi khil-khil jaye !! #YamiGautam

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