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Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan


Firstly, I wish to clarify that this article is not against Salman Khan or any other Bollywood actor. It is just my view, the view of a die-hard SRK fan. I accept that Salman Khan was good in his films like Wanted, Dabangg and Ready. I even accept that Aamir Khan was good in 3 idiots. But when it comes to choosing one from so many, I just love SRK. Here’s why…

Shah Rukh Khan: A Self Made Personality

Unlike many of current crop of Hindi cinema stars, who came from film families, King Khan was born in a middle class family in Delhi. His father ran a transport company and his mother was a magistrate. He was 15 years old when his father passed away due to cancer; his treatment had been expensive due to which their family business collapsed. Shah Rukh’s mother worked day and night to build the business back but never insisted that her son follow her into it. He came to Mumbai and started his career with a small advertisement assignment.

Shah Rukh Khan: Not Naturally Gifted

Shah Rukh Khan is not an obvious Bollywood hero. He can dance but not as elegantly as other actors. He is also not as good-looking as other Bollywood stars such as Hrithik Roshan. His only power is his acting.

Shah Rukh Khan with childrens Suhana & Aryan
Shah Rukh Khan with childrens Suhana & Aryan

Shah Rukh Khan: A Family Man

Despite being in the industry for more the 17 years and in spite of being called the king of romance, SRK is a very honest and decent human being. More often than not, we hear stories that the lead pair of a film is having an affair. But for SRK, we have never come across such stories or rumours. Also, no actress ever has had any problem working with him, over these many years. Not surprisingly, he is the favourite co-star of almost all his female co-actresses.

Shah Rukh Khan: Great Friend

We all know that in many of his films there were special appearances of SRK’s friends. His friends never say ‘no’ to him. But he knows well how to return the favour.

Shah Rukh Khan: Attitude When Needed

This is a point which I would like to mention about Shah Rukh Khan is that he is cool, he is nice. But, he is quite arrogant too and that is absolutely fine when you are such a huge superstar. He did not apologize to Shiv Sena when felt he was not on the wrong side, even if it had a negative effect on the release of My Name Is Khan in Maharashtra.

Shah Rukh Khan in still from Paheli
Shah Rukh Khan in still from Paheli

Shah Rukh Khan: Versatile & Successful Actor

Many do not consider Shah Rukh Khan as a versatile actor as they see him only as a romantic hero. However, if one digs deeper into his films, one realises that SRK has done and can do any kind of role. From the lover boy as Raj in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, to the patriotic Rahul in the Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani; from the cunning detective in Baadshah to the stylish Don in Don 2; from the music professor in Mohabbatein to evil lover in Darr. And who can forget his role as a superhero in the Ra.One. King Khan has really done a variety of roles.

He is also the star who is the most successful at the box-office. His last flop was seven years ago, Paheli (2005).

Shah Rukh Khan: Stage Performances

King Khan, with his humour and elegant style, is known to entertain millions of people watching him in different award functions and stage shows. We all know that he is the best host in India. No award function can be boring if it is hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan at an event
Shah Rukh Khan at an event

Shah Rukh Khan: Brand Image

In India, no other celebrity has more brands associated to his name. Moreover, as we saw during the promotion of Ra.One, a never before kind of campaign was conducted by him, with at least 50 various brands in tie-up for promotion of the film.

Shah Rukh Khan: Overseas Popularity

Not all the Bollywood stars are popular abroad. Most of them are like lions in their own den. But King Khan is an exception. Mostly, all his films are hits abroad and are well received there by critics as well as the public. Besides, he is more popular than any other Indian Personality globally.

Shah Rukh Khan in still from Om Shanti Om & Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Shah Rukh Khan in still from Om Shanti Om & Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Shah Rukh Khan: Dream Debut For Actresses Paired With Him

All say that Salman Khan has been known to launch new actresses. But two of the top actresses today (Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone) have debuted opposite the King Khan. Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta also made their debuts with Shah Rukh Khan.

Nimit Shah is a 12th standard student and a Bollywood buff.

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  1. Most of the things listed above are craps but since ur a srk fan as you stated ur frankly entitled to write whatever good u feel about ur idol,no offence in that and also anuska ,shilpa and co were launched by yash raj not srk.

    • yaa dude. i do not want to hurt the Emotions of other actor’s fans. it is just my views.

      and ya. you are right. they were launched by yash raj. i meant they had a dream debut with srk. :-) like zareen khan debuted with salman but she has flopped. :-( in that way i meant.

      • who told you those actresses feel that they had dream debut with srk with the exception of deepika,they all want to work under yash raj,ur talking about zarine khan whatabout the actress that debut with srk in swades Gayatri Joshi she has flopped. :-( in that way i meant.

    • thats why you are a salman are blind..when did this article say that srk launched these actresses? it just says they debuted alongside him..

      • What do u mean “SRK has given” – Yashraj recruited them and Yashraj gave them the opportunity. It was NOT a dream debut. They wud have succeeded even without SRK in it. Its their talent and not SRK’s talent that makes them succeed. U r still a kid. Just stick to reading books and studying. U have a longggg way to go to even comment on bollywood. I understand that u r an SRK fan. But there is no need to gloat about it. Its Salman these days. Ek tha tiger now and ppl r waiting for Dabbangg 2 even more than the untitled Yashraj movie in which ur fav actor stars. LOL they even threatened the theatre owners to play their movie as opposed to Son of Sardar which is releasing on the same day and this blackmail was on the basis that they get to play ETT only if they also play their dumb SRK movie (two film deal to distrubutors) – So, in a way, Salman is indirectly and unintentionally saving SRK’s sorry A$$.

  2. He is one of the finest actor in India.The man with midas touch,we love him.Simply srk is the best idol for me.The points given by you is so true…


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