In our continuing series of guest blog posts, brings to you the ‘view’ by one of our readers, who lists down reasons why he thinks Shah Rukh Khan is king of Bollywood. Read on…

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Firstly, I wish to clarify that this article is not against Salman Khan or any other Bollywood actor. It is just my view, the view of a die-hard SRK fan. I accept that Salman Khan was good in his films like Wanted, Dabangg and Ready. I even accept that Aamir Khan was good in 3 idiots. But when it comes to choosing one from so many, I just love SRK. Here’s why…

Shah Rukh Khan: A Self Made Personality

Unlike many of current crop of Hindi cinema stars, who came from film families, King Khan was born in a middle class family in Delhi. His father ran a transport company and his mother was a magistrate. He was 15 years old when his father passed away due to cancer; his treatment had been expensive due to which their family business collapsed. Shah Rukh’s mother worked day and night to build the business back but never insisted that her son follow her into it. He came to Mumbai and started his career with a small advertisement assignment.

Shah Rukh Khan: Not Naturally Gifted

Shah Rukh Khan is not an obvious Bollywood hero. He can dance but not as elegantly as other actors. He is also not as good-looking as other Bollywood stars such as Hrithik Roshan. His only power is his acting.

Shah Rukh Khan with childrens Suhana & Aryan
Shah Rukh Khan with childrens Suhana & Aryan

Shah Rukh Khan: A Family Man

Despite being in the industry for more the 17 years and in spite of being called the king of romance, SRK is a very honest and decent human being. More often than not, we hear stories that the lead pair of a film is having an affair. But for SRK, we have never come across such stories or rumours. Also, no actress ever has had any problem working with him, over these many years. Not surprisingly, he is the favourite co-star of almost all his female co-actresses.

Shah Rukh Khan: Great Friend

We all know that in many of his films there were special appearances of SRK’s friends. His friends never say ‘no’ to him. But he knows well how to return the favour.

Shah Rukh Khan: Attitude When Needed

This is a point which I would like to mention about Shah Rukh Khan is that he is cool, he is nice. But, he is quite arrogant too and that is absolutely fine when you are such a huge superstar. He did not apologize to Shiv Sena when felt he was not on the wrong side, even if it had a negative effect on the release of My Name Is Khan in Maharashtra.

Shah Rukh Khan in still from Paheli
Shah Rukh Khan in still from Paheli

Shah Rukh Khan: Versatile & Successful Actor

Many do not consider Shah Rukh Khan as a versatile actor as they see him only as a romantic hero. However, if one digs deeper into his films, one realises that SRK has done and can do any kind of role. From the lover boy as Raj in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, to the patriotic Rahul in the Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani; from the cunning detective in Baadshah to the stylish Don in Don 2; from the music professor in Mohabbatein to evil lover in Darr. And who can forget his role as a superhero in the Ra.One. King Khan has really done a variety of roles.

He is also the star who is the most successful at the box-office. His last flop was seven years ago, Paheli (2005).

Shah Rukh Khan: Stage Performances

King Khan, with his humour and elegant style, is known to entertain millions of people watching him in different award functions and stage shows. We all know that he is the best host in India. No award function can be boring if it is hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan at an event
Shah Rukh Khan at an event

Shah Rukh Khan: Brand Image

In India, no other celebrity has more brands associated to his name. Moreover, as we saw during the promotion of Ra.One, a never before kind of campaign was conducted by him, with at least 50 various brands in tie-up for promotion of the film.

Shah Rukh Khan: Overseas Popularity

Not all the Bollywood stars are popular abroad. Most of them are like lions in their own den. But King Khan is an exception. Mostly, all his films are hits abroad and are well received there by critics as well as the public. Besides, he is more popular than any other Indian Personality globally.

Shah Rukh Khan in still from Om Shanti Om & Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Shah Rukh Khan in still from Om Shanti Om & Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Shah Rukh Khan: Dream Debut For Actresses Paired With Him

All say that Salman Khan has been known to launch new actresses. But two of the top actresses today (Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone) have debuted opposite the King Khan. Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta also made their debuts with Shah Rukh Khan.

Nimit Shah is a 12th standard student and a Bollywood buff.

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  1. Most of the things listed above are craps but since ur a srk fan as you stated ur frankly entitled to write whatever good u feel about ur idol,no offence in that and also anuska ,shilpa and co were launched by yash raj not srk.

    • yaa dude. i do not want to hurt the Emotions of other actor’s fans. it is just my views.

      and ya. you are right. they were launched by yash raj. i meant they had a dream debut with srk. :-) like zareen khan debuted with salman but she has flopped. :-( in that way i meant.

      • who told you those actresses feel that they had dream debut with srk with the exception of deepika,they all want to work under yash raj,ur talking about zarine khan whatabout the actress that debut with srk in swades Gayatri Joshi she has flopped. :-( in that way i meant.

    • thats why you are a salman are blind..when did this article say that srk launched these actresses? it just says they debuted alongside him..

      • What do u mean “SRK has given” – Yashraj recruited them and Yashraj gave them the opportunity. It was NOT a dream debut. They wud have succeeded even without SRK in it. Its their talent and not SRK’s talent that makes them succeed. U r still a kid. Just stick to reading books and studying. U have a longggg way to go to even comment on bollywood. I understand that u r an SRK fan. But there is no need to gloat about it. Its Salman these days. Ek tha tiger now and ppl r waiting for Dabbangg 2 even more than the untitled Yashraj movie in which ur fav actor stars. LOL they even threatened the theatre owners to play their movie as opposed to Son of Sardar which is releasing on the same day and this blackmail was on the basis that they get to play ETT only if they also play their dumb SRK movie (two film deal to distrubutors) – So, in a way, Salman is indirectly and unintentionally saving SRK’s sorry A$$.

  2. He is one of the finest actor in India.The man with midas touch,we love him.Simply srk is the best idol for me.The points given by you is so true…

  3. We will only evaluate him on the basis of his acting and the number of success he achieved. Otherwise, we have no interest in calling him a king for how good he is as a human being and his personality. We certainly don’t know him anything about him personally. Therefore, it is completely illogical to opine him based on what media tells us. So whoever is better in acting and have done much better for Bollywood is only the king in our eyes.

  4. I am a well known celeb in the UK. Would just like to say that I love Shah Rukh Khan. He’s the best actor in the world, not just Bollywood, but Hollywood also! It would just be nice if he could get more recognition. I hope he will one day come to the UK like he has before and stun everyone with his amazing films. Great actor, Katy Price.

  5. I am frm Nepal but also I am fan of SRK no matter what other says but i am glad to say SRK rules bollywood. No other actor can be compared to him.
    Best of luck for the success of his further dream project.

  6. SRK is not king of Bollywood. He’s the king of the best Idol & personality. No need to calling king khan, he’s the only KING…………………………… & KING.

  7. sab bakpass and what do you want to public koimoi Srk is a fake actor of Bollywood every time and every where his acting attitude only crying face off ” like Chalte Chalte also we can see lots of srk movies where his acting only refer for crying, face off, and bakpass drama. BAD ……….
    Very Bad……… never we can see more again his movie…… so don’t bring again again these kinds of article with readers never we can see your url koimoi. bakpasss reason of 10 thing and don’t try to teach with us koimoi we already know about it your article.

    • Salmam’s film hit in bx office only for his body nd he tries 2 cnvnce audnces showing up his body.If not, so y salman’s previous film’s were floffed? He is the only 1 who has the most numbr of bad records against other actresses. I think he should be called as ‘KUMAR khan’. Some of u think dt Anushka nd Deepika weren’t debuted by SRK, than it’s also true that Salman’s recent films are hit only 4 his producers not 4 his acting as well as Ek Tha Tiger. SRK is the best.

  8. $hahrukh Khan is just not a name, $RK is a BRAND…
    He is the most decent and understanding $uper$tar. He knows who is a Common Man & what all a Comman Man desire, because $Rk himself came out from OUR WORLD i.e. Middle class family just having a ambition… I love you BADHSHAH… :))

  9. I so much disagree with what you say about his looks and dancing! I am from Mexico and Shah Rukh Khan is my favorite actor in the world. I do not know any people from India and do not know much about India but for what I see in his movies. He is loved so much by people all over the world who have never been to India or know any Indians. He has the most spark of any actor alive in the world. He is the most witty and his interviews are the best I’ve ever seen by any actor. He is VERY VERY handsome. He is not a cookie cutter like bland Brad Pitt or those who look like 1000s of others. He is unique in so many ways. His dancing is just GREAT and that is why I can get new people here to watch his movies. They don’t like to read the titles to understand what is being said but they LOVE his dancing and the songs.

    • Mithun Chakkravarthy, Shahid Kapoor as well as Hrithik Roshan are awesome dancers re. Lottt better then SRK.
      also lookz wise, shahid kapoor, hrithik roshan l00k very good.! :-/

      but ultimately, srk is the king

  10. sir ur openion is totally upset for all of us.why ur telling that srk is is like one side support.salman kabhibi srk jessa dekhaba nahi karata,srk kisika good friend nahi hei srif upna faida keliye utilised karata hei.east & west salman is best.srk jessa salman kabhi bhi lobby karke award ko apna naam nahi karata.kabhi bhi salman ko bollywood ne unka reward or hawk kabhi nahi diya only fans gives thumps up kiya hei.per ur hero jessa my salman selfish nahi hei?sorry sir, but mujhe gussa laga,but my openion view is salman is the real king of bollywood

    • wo tumhara opinion hai aur ye mera.. :)

      n ya, srk ne priyanka-deepika-kareena ko apne film BILLU mee song krne k badle expensive gifts diye the. he even gifted imported CARS to sanjay dutt and priyanka and rajnikanth sirjee for their cameos in Ra.One

  11. This author has hit the nail on the head.He is a true deserving King because he has consistently given hits since 1995,over 16years.Amir and Salman may be giving hits the last few years,but his Badshaah rocks.NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HIM

  12. dude how can you say that,that srk is not so much charming and good dancer,ofcourse i personally like him due to his smartness,work efficience,mindblowing acting and superb dance performance.I am from australia and here the popularity of srk is due to his magnum personality,acting skills and dance…
    And he is king khan,no doubt in that…

  13. Most of the things that you wrote are completely stupid to prove why he is King. No doubt, I’ll give him respect for being a guy who came from a non-filmy background and made it on his own, achieve everything on his merit. But, to say he is versatile is completely baseless. SRK is all about two things, awards and media. SRK ruled the multiplex era onwards, he didn’t rule the 90s. The man only can work in big projects and big names, to be a successful star.

  14. i live in sweden but im orginaly afghaish, some of swedish people love shahrukh but they don’t even know who salman is, but shahukh films doesnt realise here, i love salman also he is a coll guy amd everything but i think that he says shahrukh called me sir and everythign this is just childish man, saman thinks he is a man but he is wrong about shahrukh, but i hope theyre going to be friends, shahrukh is the only king of bollywood

  15. Bhai sahb,kehty han behnss ko apna kala rang nazar nahen ata,Shah rukh koi verstile actor nhn,i only will apreciate his acting in My name is khan with out this film he done all love stories,king of verstility in acting is Aamir like 3idiots,taare zameen par,rang de basanti and many more.

  16. 27 Reasons Why Salman Khan Is Better Than Other Stars In Bollywood´
    – Randy Lall Let us know what you think about this feature article
    Salman Khan – a name that Bollywood will remember forever. You may love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him. He is a superstar on all fronts, and his fans adore him. Despite all the flops he had, all the controversies he went through, he is still amongst the top actors in Bollywood. I can honestly say that HE is definitely India’s Most Powerful Star.

    Having turned 42 on November 27th, this writer presents you: ‘27 Reasons Why He Likes Salman Khan More Than Any Other Stars in Bollywood’.

    1) Launching the careers of many stars

    He has helped many stars to achieve what they are today. Himesh Reshammiya, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sajid-Wajid were brought into the industry thanks to Salman Khan’s help. Even Hrithik Roshan went through training through our Sallu.

    2) Helped Govinda at the time of crisis

    Govinda was practically forgotten in our industry, and was written off by the critics and media. However, our Sallu came and saved the day by giving him a hero lead in ‘Partner’. Although he had a role in ‘Bhagam Bhag’, Govinda was wasted in the film, and with ‘Salaam-E-Ishq’, he got appreciated for his role, but this time it flopped at the Box-Office. However, with the big success of ‘Partner’, Govinda got both a huge HIT and also the critics/audience appreciation. Now, Govinda is back in the running. It has also been written that Salman Khan gave Govinda a Mercedez-Benz car when Govinda refused fees from him.

    3) His foundation ‘Be Human’

    He is the probably one of the only star to start his own foundation for the kids and the poor. And look what he did – he knows that kids with some sickness or illness won’t go to watch a movie. Prior to the release of ‘Partner’, he had a special screening for the kids! Plus, every kid walked out with a special gift in their hands after the event! Wow, our Salman is truly great!

    4) Always helping the needy

    This man will always have a golden heart, despite the bad times he has been through. He gives bicycles to the kids, always gives money to the needy and even blankets to people who sleeps on the street at night. He always helps a certain foundation or an association, and the best part about it is that he does it privately and doesn’t involve the media into it. He is probably one of the few Bollywood actors today who does help a lot.

    5) Stars turn to Salman Khan for help

    This is another topic that makes Salman Khan a winner. Many celebrities have turn to him for help, e.g. when Sushmita Sen adopted daughter fell ill, no one was there to help her, and then she called Salman Khan. And within a couple of minutes, he showed up at her doorstep. When Dia Mirza mom fell ill, it was our Sallu who made the rescue. Saawan Kumar Tak came to Salman Khan – who thought he needed money. However, Saawan Kumar asked him to play a part in ‘Saawan’, which Salman Khan did for FREE. When no one was willing to play supporting role to ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, it was Salman Khan who ended up doing it for Karan Johar. These are many examples why this man rocks!

    6) Despite controversy, he still remains a top star at the BO!

    I consider Salman Khan the most powerful star at the Box-Office because of this topic. Despite all the bad stuff he has done, he still remains a top star at the Box-Office – if that’s not power, then what is it then? Take for example, ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’ release at the Box-Office. Two days before its release, the tape controversy happened in India. And Salman Khan was accused, as they assumed it was his voice on the tape. Shows were cancelled, however, ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’ was recording 90%+ opening at the Box-Office. On top of that, Salman Khan was the only bankable star in the film. The movie according to the trade, was a Semi-Hit. Had that controversy didn’t happen, it would’ve done Hit business. That clearly shows you that our Sallu is probably the most powerful star at the Box-Office. Even today, despite flops, he can still surprise everyone with a ‘Partner’.

    7) Despite what he goes through, his fans are still with him till the end

    Now, you tell me, only few actors are blessed with this. Look at what Salman Khan has been through in life and all the bad stuff he has done – yet his fans are there for him through thick and thin. When he was in jail, people prayed for him, fasted for him, gave food to him in jail, they also tried to visit him in jail! This man is a rockstar in India. And the day he was released, there was a huge celebration at his house; likely over 1000 people were there. After all he has been through, fans are supposed to hate Salman Khan, yet they love him more and his fan base did increase. Well, Salman and Shah Rukh may both have the biggest fan base following in India, but Salman Khan has the most loyal fans in India. That’s why, as fans, we voted Salman Khan to be in the Madame Tussauds and deservingly, he won the poll beating the likes of Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, and Hrithik Roshan.

    8) One of the only stars to give a great opening on an All-India Basis

    Salman Khan, along with Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar are the only stars to guarantee huge opening at the Box-Office. Despite flops he has encountered, his films still takes great opening from all parts of India! Where SRK and Aamir Khan rules A centres, Salman Khan is one of the few stars to guarantee a huge opening not only in the A centres, but in the B and C centres also. He is the hero of the masses!

    9) More All-Time Blockbusters than any other star in Bollywood and other BO records

    Despite being the huge stars in the likes of Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, and Shah Rukh Khan, our Salman Khan still have more All-Time Blockbusters than any other stars in Bollywood history e.g. ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. The closest star to beat him is Shah Rukh Khan with two All-Time Blockbusters. Also, Salman Khan is one of the few stars to have other records at the Box-Office.

    He is one of the few stars to have:

    – Four or more releases in one year (1998), and were all HITS – ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain’, ‘Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya’, ‘Bandhan’, ‘Jab Pyar Kisse Se Hota Hain’

    – Top Grossers In One Year (1999) – ‘Biwi No.1’, ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’, ‘Hum Saath-Saath Hain’

    – Most Hits than any other actor in the 90s

    In 1994, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ smashed ‘Sholay’ records Gross to become the biggest grosser film at that time and did excellent business in the overseas for a Bollywood film. It was the first film to do over Rs. 10 crores in the overseas market.

    Maine Pyar Kiya broke records not only in India, but also in overseas market.

    Salman Khan is currently at Number 3 (tied with SRK) in the list for having the top grosser of the year. He has so far five in the list (‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Biwi No.1’, and ‘No Entry’). Amitabh Bachchan currently has seven films as the top grossers of the year, while Dilip Kumar has ten films.

    10) His Don’t Give a Damn Attitude

    This is one aspect that sets Salman Khan different from other stars in Bollywood – his attitude! Although you expect Salman Khan to grow up a bit, but the man doesn’t care! If the people who are interviewing him give him a dumb question, he will ask them back the same question. People who has done something to hurt our Sallu, he would ignore them. Despite critics are bashing him to do something different in his movie, he still doesn’t care. Sometimes his one-liners from interviews are too funny, but you would expect that from Salman Khan.

    11) One of the few actors to make it on People’s Magazine

    That’s right, our Sallu had made it in People’s Magazine for being one of the most handsome man ever in the world. Only three actors in Bollywood have achieved that; Dharmendra, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan. And to be honest, those are the three most handsome men ever in Bollywood history. Another news that made Bollywood and India proud.

    12) Screw acting, its all about screen presence

    Salman Khan is one actor we know who can sleepwalk through his role. But what stands out when watching a Salman Khan film is his screen presence. Once he enters the screen, you can’t help but notice Salman Khan all the time. He is one of the few actors in India and overseas when they appear the first time on screen, the crowds go wild and cheer for him. Out of all the stars making special appearances in ‘Om Shanti Om’, Salman Khan got the most cheers. It must be noted that when Salman puts his mind to a role, he will do a great job e.g. ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, ‘Karan Arjun’, ‘Tere Naam’ and ‘Kyon Ki’.

    13) Screw Awards

    Salman Khan is one actor who doesn’t care about an award. In fact, we know in the future Salman Khan will never win a Best Actor Award. He can play the hardest role to perfection in cinema history, but yet, he will never win the award. Well, Salman Khan is one actor to prove you don’t need an award to prove yourself. Salman Khan has said one thing, “He cares more about rewards, than awards”. Well said, Sallu!

    14) Style Icon to the youth Generation

    Anything looks good on Salman Khan, that’s why it reflects on the youth generation. Imagine, a hair style in ‘Tere Naam’ becoming a huge rage in India. Well, that’s how our Sallu influence the youth generation. His look even in ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ was a hit amongst the youngsters. In fact, most youths and elders want to have a body like Salman Khan. Salman Khan has definitely made an impact to the people of India. He is one actor who actually redefines ‘cool’.

    15) Style Icon to the Bollywood industry

    Most recent stars are influenced by Salman Khan physique. Look at SRK so called “6-pack abs”, it’s not shocking that Salman Khan inspired him to get that. In fact, SRK asked Salman for tips. Plus, Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan were under his training to get a great body. He also influenced Govinda and Anil Kapoor to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    16) Amongst the top ten ever

    To be honest, if one were to conduct an article on the ten most memorable actors to ever grace Bollywood, Salman Khan would have to make it to the list (others being Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajendra Kumar, Jeetendra, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan). Nothing and I mean nothing affects this guy status or his fans. Salman Khan is a legend in the making, whether you like him or not.

    17) Unique style of dancing

    One knows that the best dancers today in Bollywood are Govinda and Hrithik Roshan for actors. But what sets Salman Khan different (even Shah Rukh Khan) is that whatever moves he does, it looks good. Points in case include ‘No Entry’ title track, Just Chill (Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya), O Jaana (Tere Naam), Oo Oh Jaane Jaana (PKTDK), You’re My Love (Partner), Tenu Leke (Salaam-E-Ishq), and many more to back up this statement.

    18) Flops, Disasters don’t affect Salman Khan Status

    Ask the distributors – they don’t affect Salman Khan. In fact, it strengths him, and that’s what scores with Salman Khan. Despite giving six straight flops, he is still in the Top 5 according to the trade and that’s remarkable. Yes, it made him drop, but the huge success of ‘Partner’ has put him back in the running. Plus, it has been written that he got a Rs.24 crore film deal. Imagine, if Salman Khan was that bad, would he get that kind of huge offer?

    19) No Sad Endings, Please!

    History has it that whenever Salman Khan dies in a film, it’s a flop at the Box-Office. ‘Veergati’, ‘Hello Brother’, ‘Phir Milenge’, ‘Kyon Ki’, ‘Baabul’ are examples to prove this theory. Even ‘Tere Naam’ which took a huge opening at the BO settled for Above Average – Semi-Hit status because of the huge drop in the second week. That is due to the second half of the film where Salman Khan was treated badly in the film. It seems Salman Khan fans don’t want to see their hero in that state. What’s funny is that SRK, Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar can die in their movies, yet they can be HITS. However, if Salman Khan dies in his films, they don’t succeed. I guess we want to see Salman Khan have a happy ending.

    20) Trends that were started by Salman Khan

    Despite SRK being the ruler of the overseas market, it’s in fact Salman Khan films which opened Bollywood films to the overseas market. Yes, Amitabh Bachchan films in the 70s and 80s films succeeded in the West Indies, North American and UK territory, but it was ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ that made the huge impact. It broke records everywhere especially in the West Indies. It was dubbed in English ‘As When Love Calls’ and in Spanish as ‘Te Amo’. ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ was Rs.1 crore short of beating ‘Sholay’ record Gross. Then came ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ that smashed records everywhere. HAHK was the first film to gross over Rs.50 crores, and settled for a Rs.65 crores run at the BO. Plus, it was the first film to gross over a $1,000,000 in the US market, and over 1,000,000 Pounds in the UK market. Since then, Bollywood has made a huge impact in the overseas market. If trade reports are to be believed, it was Salman Khan who started the bumper opening trend. That’s why back in the 90s, most of his films were HITS at the BO because they had took huge opening at the BO (he did it on a consistent basis). Even his flop films were nearly recoverable thanks to the good opening it received.

    21) Good Music is a Must in his films!

    If one were to look at Salman Khan filmography, about 70% of his films has good soundtracks. It seems that great music is a must for a Salman Khan starrer – even up to today. He is one actor who can make a soundtrack sell because of his loyal fans, and even people don’t like him, they are aware that a Salman Khan starrer has good songs. The soundtrack of ‘Tere Naam’, despite being released four years ago, still sells to this day.

    22) No One Gives an Interview like Salman Khan

    One always knows when Salman Khan is on the mike, it will be memorable. As mentioned above, if the people who are interviewing him give him a dumb question, he will ask them back the same question. His one-liners are amazing and he is most of the time very funny or even serious, one can’t tell. Look at the ‘Saawariya’ music launch, if it wasn’t for Salman Khan, the music launch would’ve been a huge flop. Sometimes, even the interviewer gets scared when interviewing Salman Khan because he will give them his killer look. So word of advice to people who wants to interview Salman in the future – make sure you ask Salman the right questions!

    23) Always Speaks From The Heart!

    One characteristic that sets Salman Khan different from the other stars is that he speaks from the heart. Look at the 1999 Filmfare Awards, when he got the Best Supporting Actor, he clearly said on stage, “I don’t deserve this award”. And that takes a lot of guts to say it. Other stars, who clearly gets awards who doesn’t deserve it (cough cough, SRK), will brag how he/she is happy and this and that. He is one of the few people who clearly said that he hated ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’. He was honest as to why he didn’t take ‘Chak De India’ and ‘Baazigar’. Despite being close friends to Aamir Khan, he states why Aamir doesn’t want to work with him in the future.

    24) First Commercial Bollywood Superstar to work with a Hollywood director

    Despite being a Disaster at the BO, still Salman Khan is the first commercial Bollywood star to work with Hollywood director (William Carroll), and actress (Ali Larter). A huge achievement for our Sallu.

    25) Anything looks good on our Sallu

    Whether he is in suits, wearing some goofy T-Shirt or some ripped up jeans, one must say, it looks good on Salman Khan. In fact, anything looks good on this man. When he is on screen or at any function, one can’t help but admire Salman Khan.

    26) Classics Films to be remember in the history of Bollywood in his credit

    Salman Khan has a lot of classic films in Bollywood – ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, ‘Khamoshi’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’, ‘Tere Naam ‘(despite being a remake), and ‘No Entry’ (it’s not one of those comedies these days where it tries to be funny- it’s actually funny and will be remembered as a comedy classic) are classics and some will be classics in the future.

    27) Irrespective to what anyone says, you are still the best Sallu!

    Salman Khan, no matter what the critics, media, and people say, you are still Number One to us no matter what. We have been with you since the ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ days, and we stood by you when all the controversies happened. You may not be the best actor ever, but we still enjoy watching your films. You have been a role-model to us back in the days, and up to this day. Nobody in Bollywood has done much as what you do to the needy people. You may be termed as the Bad Boy of Bollywood, but you have proved numerous times that you are still a man with the golden heart. We hope as fans, that you continue to rule Bollywood and we all hope and pray that all of your upcoming films do extremely well at the BO.

    You are our future legend in Bollywood and will be remembered as amongst the top actors ever in Bollywood!

  17. According to me SRK is one of the most overrated actor of bollywood. He may have done few good movies in the past but off late most of his movies are waste of time and money. He is good in serious roles but average in comic scenes…… such actor cant be called a King of Bollywood, no ways.

  18. Yeah he is king of overacting…and if he is above aamir khan then please raise your standard bro….as far as branding is concerned everybody from manipur to mumbai waits for an aamir movie, teaser, role, appearance bcoz srk is always everywhere promoting himself lol….Aamir is beyond all this my dear author…he is in the league of BIG B….he doesnt buy awards but then also awards are given to him (numerous filmfares as best actor, director , film) …..Aamir is true star….

  19. hi , i m from tanzania. I dnt lik watching movies. I am a big fan of srk. I jt watch srk movies . All other stars of bollywood seem borning to me. Srk the king and the best. I agree wid the article above.

  20. hello guys….i saw this article which looked so foolish….i dont even know why to bring such topics….why such foolish fans want to make their lovable actors always KING…………..Before SALMAN KHAN fans never complained about SRK being the KING….but now when SALMAN bhai is most sought after actor, and he replaced SRK from his throne…SRK fans still want that title…it is amazing they look for the past to see SRK amazing work…look to future…every MOVIE SALLU BHAI is playing gonna cross 150 cr……I know SRK is a good actor and he deserves to be listed in top 3 most soughted actors…but right now you have to deal with SALLU BHAI….he is your DREAM…your best ACTOR….your movie STAR…HE is the JAAN OF INDIA AND THE WORLD…..dont worry SRK is after him….and you had only 10 things about SRK BUT for SALLU BHAI you may have MILLIONS think to say WHY SALLU BHAI IS THE KING….BECAUSE HE IS THE REAL KING……LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM…YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO GO AND SEE HIS FILM….EK THA TIGER ….NEXT EID…..

  21. and one more point my bro….about his speeches, man no body can speech like him on any politician, no actor no one

  22. Hi, i am from Bangladesh. Let me tell you, 8 out of 10 Bollywood fans of my country love SRK madly. Someone wrote we should only consider acting to judge an actor, not his personal life. But i have a question for him, if a morally perverted actor acts woderfully, will you appreciate his acting solely based on his acting ? SRK has both the power of acting and great personality.

  23. I present to you the detailed analysis of performance of the three Khans from 1992-2011.SRK was ahead in 1992(Deewana),1993(Darr),1995(DDLJ),1997(Dil to pagal hai),1998(KKHH),2000(Mohabbatein),2001(K3G),2002(Devdas),2003(Kal ho na ho),2004(Veer Zaara),2007(Om shanti om).Salman was ahead in 1994(HAHK),1999(Hum Saath Saath Hain),2005(No Entry),2010(Dabangg),2011(Bodyguard).Aamir was ahead in 1996(Raja Hindustani),2006(Fanaa),2008(Ghajini),2009(3 idiots).In the last 20 years SRK leads with 11 years,Salman with 5 years and Aamir with 4 years.SRK biggest hit is DDLJ with adjusted gross collections of 816 crores.Salman,HAHK-890 crores and Aamir,Raja Hindustani-670 crores.Since 1994 till 2011,the overseas result is as follows.SRK was ahead in 1995(DDLJ),1997(DTPH),1998(KKHH),2000(Mohabbatein),2001(K3G),2002(Devdas),2003(KHNH),2004(Veer Zaara),2006(Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna),2007(OSO),2008(RNBDJ),2010(MNIK),2011(Don 2).Salman was ahead in 1994(HAHK),1999(Hum Dil de chuke sanam),Aamir was ahead in 1996(Raja Hindustani),2009(3 idiots).SRK is leading with 13 years,Salman and Aamir with 2 years.There are 23 blockbusters in overseas.SRK has 15,Salman has 1 and Aamir has 2.There are 11 All time blockbusters in overseas.SRK has 9,Salman and Aamir has 1.SRK has 8 Filmfare Best Actor awards,a record which he shares with the master of acting Dilip Kumar out of 19 nominations.Aamir,2 with 18 nominations and Salman none with 6 nominations.The three Khans are ruling bollywood for the last two decades.Instead of bashing them,we should be proud of these jewels of bollywood who have put Indian Cinema on the world map.Long live Aamir Khan(The Perfectionist),Salman Khan(The Entertainer) and Shah Rukh Khan(The King).

  24. dear writer you also forget RANI MUKERJI which make her debut in KKHH , and he also launched the creer of many high profile directors like KARAN JOHAR & ADITYA CHOPRA

  25. I totally disagree he is not a better actor and he is certainly not a king if he was even the little dying ones would want an audience w him as for being a faithful hband he was seen coming out of hotel room in london w pc and it wasnt no peck on chk either also incident in usa re my name is khan was a fake pub stunt he aint all that clean and squeaky he is an arrogant selfish man boastful and also very stupid it was salman who fed him in early days so get a life he aint half as good as amitabh b

  26. Dearie. First off, you need to get your facts straight. And i’m going to portray my comment in the lightest tone possible Devi jee, so please allow me.

    1) He has had many “Godfathers”; Yash Raj jee to say the least.

    2) Oh yeah, he’s not “naturally gifted” and/or “good looking”.

    3) Family man; yeah yeah, let’s be honest. He hasn’t had any controversies regarding that… Who do you think you are fooling!

    4) “Great Friend” and “returns the favor”. Oh really? He is evidently notoriously selfish.

    5) His “reign” is over so maybe he should loosen up so as to his attitude

    6) Versatile & Successful Actor? Again, who do you think you’re fooling? He admitted himself that he’s an “overactor”. He’s the weakest of the technical actors, and close to zero when it comes to naturalistic acting. All we see are his plastic, unbalanced emotions and acting chops.

    7) Best host? That’s why all his TV shows have been disasters… Explains pretty much,

    8) Most brand affiliations and still he wasn’t able to make Ra.One a clean hit…

    9) Overseas Popularity; also declining. 3 Idiots is the highest grossing film overseas as well. Rings any bell?

    10) He has not that kind of influence to launch any of these actresses.

    Thanks to everyone, Devi jee in particular, who does such an awesome job with the website.

  27. srk z always been d best actor of bollywood…he has got no comparision wid any actors as no1 can even touch him in acting..It was a time when no1 dares to compare him it bcoz dat time movies were made for entertainment n srk excelled but now movies r determined by total collections which is only gud for producers..srk z also a gr8 dancers has gud acting skills n luv his hairs so he has dat killing style n he z not an actor but a big brand a global star…we love u srk

  28. srk srk srk what can i say n where do i start from ? Only i can say movies become super hit coz of srk act in and salman khan become good actor coz of good movies. Salman khan can do any acting but can’t do emotinal crying acting as srk n amir khan. Salman khan emotinal acting i had like only in dabang. Any way srk is best in many otherway. I like amitabh, hritik, sanju baba, amir, salman, akshay but best is srk.

    • I totally agree with you Sagor, SRK is not at all a good actor. Whether emotional or comic scenes, he knows only one style, OVERACTING. Same style, same emotions, same comedy…fed up of him! Aamir Khan undoubtedly the King of Bollywood, He rules and rules with a heavy margin, no doubt about it.

  29. Totally one sided article. There was a time when Industry hardly had any good talenst, it was then that SRK fortunately ruled, but now we have ample choices, and to top the list its Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan and also Ranbeer Kapoor………..SRK is left faaaaaaaar behind these talents. He has lost all his charms…his days are gone. Aamir and Salman rule the box office follwed by Ranbeer, Hrithic and so on.

  30. Totally agree.There wil be detractors but the fact remains that nobody has had a sucess story bigger than SRK.He is definately the king khan.


  32. Shahrukh Khan has los his charishma and magic. He looks ugly and his movies make us sick. Aamir Khan is the real King of Bollywood. SRK is a smart player who knows it very well how to play with his fans emotions and money. He is arrogant, rude, snobbish and pathetic!

    • Sorry to say Manul its not SRK but Aamir Khan who’s the God of Indian Film Industry. Ab yah ek tag tou rahne dou Aamir ke paas, har ek cheez chori kar kar ke SRK ke liye rakh doge tou kaise chalega. SRK is not God, he is DOG.

  33. Srk is fake and faltoo. Aamir Khan is the King. SRK has lost his looks, charishma, charm, magic. He is a smart player who knows it well how to play with the emotions and money of his fans. He is rude,snobbish,arrogant and pathetic!

  34. You have to note that Salman Khan does not have huge media support, he is not a regular on media interviews, no self proclamation of being king, no chamchagiri, no awards, quarrels and fights with many, does’snt give defense for media reports, but STILL, he is the most popular hero, most searched hero in Google and India’s most trusted hero in India !!!
    If that is not superstardom, I dont know what is !!!
    I shudder to think how popular he will be if he does all those media antics which SRK does !!

  35. Its sad that this website is trying to create Rifts between Salman Khan and Shahrukh khan as they both have Huge Fan Following..And This website is Cashing in on the popularity of the two Khans..I respect your views there is nothing like ‘king of Bollywood’.
    For srk fans, He is Bigger’ and
    For Salman Fans–Salman is Bigger..
    Sabki Aan Sabki Shaan…sabka ek BhaiJaan—Salman khan ..
    For Srk fans..if he is bigger in Bollywood..
    For us, Salman itself is Bigger that Bollywood..

  36. srk yes he is a king khan of bollywood some body saw he is carring face are u blind or some thing wrong with u he face very charm also dimple showing beauty after all thanks komal ji you acept srk is real king bollywood khan thanks because 1 2 3 4 mov ie hit he not come king king st is long long time this is real king just like srk


    • Now you said it yourself………..SRK is really a father (not experiece wise but age wise) HE has become BUDDHA and must take voluntary retirement before we all force him to take one. Bye Papaji, pa\eri paina…

  38. If srk is king how come no one who matters wants to meet w him who made him king himself self proclaim boasting shows he is pathetic arrogant and akso very stupid to believe in self praise i personally dont give a damn how many awards he has won when they are dishonestly obtained politics in any org shows corrpution bribery u indians are hypocrites to belive evthing media writes about him and disbelieve what they write about salman and others he manp the media to prom tears dwn other he is an ugly pathetic man who is unhappy lacks confidence suffers from low selfesteem thats why he spends so much money trying to keep popularity thank God salman aamir saif askhay etc has better use with life and money

    • Excellent Sarifa….and u know what all his ex mates/friends like Juhi, Faraha, Salman and so many others are not in talking terms with him. He is so snobbish and arrogant that no one dares to take panga with him. Just by throwing flying kisses at audiance doesnt mean u r sweet , the growing enemy list and dicreasing fan list shows your true picture.

  39. SRK definately is the king of bollywood.leave aside the fact that he has the max number of hits against his name,that he is a global icon(most popular workdwide) as per forbes BBC survey leaving behind angelina jolie and tom cruise,that he has won max awards ever by any actor.Just one question for all the haters, Tell me abt one actor who has had the balls to stand up alone against the most powerful political ensemble in maharashtra all on his own?. SRK did when Mnik released and won the battle all on his own.If this is not a king like act than at is?.All the SRK HATERS CAN GO TO HELL.THERE IS ONLY ONE KING IN BOLLYWOOD AND THATR SRK.

  40. Shut ur gutter mouth deepa bhatia. If u pass personal comments abt my srk il get too personal 4 ur comfort.SRK IS THE KING.

    • Go to hell Varun…………Dont try to dhamkao me..if u are falling short of words to praise your SRK, dont show your real and dirty aukat by givind me gidhad dhamkis.

  41. I truely believe that no actor ever has or wil ever achieve what srk has achieved.He has taken the indian film industry to a global platform and he continues to do so with his epic mahabharata triology in the planning phase with walt disney studio and EXTREME CITY with leonardo di caprio directed by michael sarkowsky in the pipeline.

  42. no matter how much the fans of other khans do hue and cry, there is no doubt that SRK is the king of our hearts and of bollywood…………………………………………………………………………………..

  43. ABE GADHE! Salman khan is also popular around the world. This time he have benn invited by the oscars for his film bodyguard.he has also been invited to barrack obama’s house because obama saw the film bodygurd that was translated in english and wanted to meet salman.srk ko to koi kutta bhi nahi bulayega.

  44. Srk is no longer the King. He has to vaccate the chari as many other have overtaken him. Aamir is no.1 Salman no.2 followed by Hrithik, ranbir, ajay, Srk is a looser

  45. SRK is a versatile actor – good joke .. Looks like you don’t know abt acting . Have you seen movies like Ishq, Gulam, Sarfarosh,lagaan, DCH, RDB, Fanna , Tare zameen par, ghajini, 3 idiots…from AK. Has SRK ever chnaged his looks as per the demand of role.. Guess He has never done any other role other than being a lover boy. SRK started his show “Zor ka Jhatka” which was stopped just after few weeks.. he was thrown out of KBC series Big B’s last KBC season was a big hit .. This says it all . Its all over SRK now. he himself has created so much hype about him and he can’t fool ppl anymore

  46. When someone says salman is the king. I cannot stop my self laughing. I cannot beleive he is superstar of India. He doesnt know A B C of acting. Just good look and hunky body. And Indian have no capacity to understan acting so they g for looks and muscles. I agree that amir is good actor, not as srk. He focuses on perfection not acting. But SRk only focuses acting, he can do any role, he doesnt need speacial look. If you go abroad, people only know SRK and Amitabh in the field of acting.

    • So laugh na, who’s stoping u, atleast Salman makes u lugh but to be frank SRK makes u sick with his sick movies…..SRK is pathetic….Salman doesnt know A B C of acting and your SRK doesnt know a aa i ii of acting samajhe, chal futt hawa aane de

  47. srk is real king watch filmography of all three khan u will realise who gave us many hits
    before dabang salman gave us yuvraj janeman god tussi great ho sawan sawariya veer n so many flop movie
    The compition is only between srk and amir khan
    3 hits can’t make salman king of bollywood

  48. Last flops of top stars:
    Salman Khan: Mai aur Mrs. Khanna (2 years ago)
    Aamir Khan: Dhobi Ghat (1 year ago)
    Ajay Devgan: Rascals (few months ago)
    Akshay Kumar : Tees Maar Khan (1 year ago)
    Shah Rukh Khan: Paheli (8 Years ago)

    Now decide, who rules the bollywood. Log agar srk ko itna hi na pasand karte to uski lagatar 8 saal se picture hit nahi karti.

    Ab recently dirty picture ka hi example le lo. Movie blockbuster hai, par kisi se pucho , jyadatar kahenge achchi nahi hai.

    Usi tarah sab srk ko dekhna chahte hai par uski tarif nahi karna chahte hai, kyuki wo unke fav star se achcha hota hai.

  49. SRk is the soul of bollywood idiots and salman what is he only do vulgur acting and aamir if he will take break from giving directions then only then he can act in any film nicely!

  50. Aamir aur salman ke fans jalte hai.. Ke unke stars king of bollywood is janam me kya agle pechle…. Kabi nahi ban sakenge kunki srk is the king badshah and no.1 star of bollywood…Srk rockssss….The world

  51. It doesnt matter what other thinks about him. But like his movie , acting and himself also.
    Since the maximum no. Of hits belongs to him, and he is the king of overseas. So it shows that other people also like. Only diffrence is that his most fans dontwant to involve themself in star wars but his haters cannot stop barking. They are jealous of him.
    My openion: agar wo isse pasand nahi karte to inki movie na dekhe, flop karke dikhaye iski movie ko.
    And dont say idiotically that is flop as all hater says . It is second highest worldide grosser, and don 2 is 3rd highest.

  52. SRK was King, no doubt but not anymore. He took his No.1 position very lightly and end up signing all wrong movies. How long we should suffer watching such stupid movies…..he doesnt rule any more…Aamir and Salman are the true Khans. Aamir Khan is undoubtedly THE BEST

  53. Srk is too fake. He has lost his populartiy coz of his idiotic movies. He may have done few good movies but one must not forget the blunders like Ra.One, Don2, Dulha mil gaya, Always Kabee kabee, Billu, and so on. The genuine king of bollywood according to me is Aamir Khan. And in the current lot , Ranbir Kapoor is gud.

  54. Srk must have done few good movies but one must not forget that from last 3 yeards he has also given us blunders like Ra.One, Don2, Dulha mil gaya, Billu, Always Kabhee Kabhee. The genuine king of bollywood according to me is Aamir. And in current lot it is Ranbir Kapoor.

  55. Shahrukh Khan is history now. How can he fool us by making so many dirty movies. Bye bye SRK. Now only 2 Khans rule Aamir and Salman. And when the quetion is about the King’s position, it must go to Aamir Khan.

  56. The sentence that salman is king makes me laugh. But to be frank watching his movies is toturing ur self. Even when I was sick, watching a srk movie makes me happy and I feel well, It works as a medicine for me when I am depressed. Dear itchguard you didnt know what i feel and what makes me sick so stop guess. And seriously Ghajni made me sick for 3 days. Thanks god I havent watched Bodyguard (the itch guard) and ready as friends told ”if you had watched that you will do suicide”.

  57. U r right SRK is the best……!SRK is more popular than TOM CRuISE around the world its the calculation of media:…..!n abt salman khan he is also a good actor but he never made such film from which we can learn a lesson….!like SRK he made the biggest movie of bollywood MY NAME IS KHAN ……!he said in the movie that every MUSLIM is not a terorrist…..!his acting in the movie is outstanding!but SALMAN KHAN never made such movie…..!he always make fighter movies and show his body!SRK is the perfect king of BOLLYWOOD!

  58. SRK is the real global king sallu lallu and amir are local sadakchap heroes mostly liked by the lower class.SRK IS THE HERO FOR THE URBAN SOPHOSTICATED POPULATION.

  59. SRK is the true king. And like a king he has followers who can die 4 him and a few jealous haters.Dogs bark all the time but SRK continues to reign supreme.May all the SRK haters rot in hell.

  60. I dont know why being a salman khan fan should mean that we hate SRK and talk bad abt him.Even bhai and srk say only good things abt each other.I am a salman fan but i have no problems admitting that SRK is a better actor and a Bigger star globally.Apologies to all the srk fans for the behaviour shown by a few stupid third class salman fans.A real salman fan like me will always behave in a dignified way.

  61. Guys i am the author. please dont fight re. :-) i have written at the start only that i appreciate ameer khan and salman khan in some of their movies. :-)

  62. Guys i am the author. please dont fight re. :-) i have written at the start only that i appreciate aamir khan and salman khan in some of their movies. :-)

  63. No ways…SRK doent rule the Indian Film Industry…Aamir Khan is the real HERO. Only Aamir does sensible movies. He is a very good dancer, very good actor, very good director and a fantastic human being. Industry needs a break from this too much of SRK SRK SRK SRK….

  64. salman has gud lucking, nic prsonality but….bt in all field of bollywud amir is best….
    So amir khan is real king of bolywood.

  65. He is king and best because he can slap and thrash anyone at any party and then cover it up and get away with it. Can play innocent baby even after behaving like a mawaali at parties! King Khan indeed! Great friend!!

  66. My q have u personally met srk. Because he is no longer the man or family man we think he is. He is not the good actor we think he is. He is not as versatile as aamir salman big b even shammi kapoor or some of the older actors. He does not turn heads the way salman does. He is arrogant rude he bad talk his friend boast he lack humility he hates critisim thats why he beat up kunder to now carry title of bad boy bwood pd him off not to press chgs and then insulted farah a few days later a friend like him one needs no enemies

  67. SRK is not handsome.He is charming.Those who don’t like him are simply jealous of him..I’ll never say anything bad about Salman,Aamir of Hritik cause they are respectable actors.But fans of SK,AK,HR have always insulted Srk..Some even go to the extent of labelling him a gay.They insulted his family too.Thats not ok..Talking about versality,can anyone do a Darr,Devdas,Baazigar,Anjam,khnh,Swades better than him..Forget about the legend DDLJ.The answer is NO..All the seniors icons,Dilip Kumar,Big B acknowledged that,

  68. sharukh is best actor in word no other actor is better than sharukh khan. I think sharukh khan is very hardworking actor by other sharukh khan is very sucessfull in his life because of his hardworking

  69. i wanna tell srk is the king of bollywood of all the time i wish you good luck for your upcoming films you rocks

  70. All the people here are saying bakwaas against don’t know what they are talking about.

    SRK Rocks.Fu** all SRK haters ( read Lallu fans )

  71. SRK the brand name itself enough to hear about it

    His fan is scattered not only in india but in the whole world (even i’m SRKian)

    King of bollywood-SRK
    King of Romance-SRK
    King of acting-SRK
    King of khans-SRK
    King of Expression-SRK
    King of whole world and universe-SRK

  72. King khan,u r so wonderful,u put happiness in many people face,may Allah continue to protect n guide u thank for u All ur Awesome movies

  73. hi king khan i’m very big fan of u and u’r the best actor of bolywood i’ve seen all of your movie u’r really best guy

  74. sometimes when u r in utmost depression just watch srk’s movies and get back to what u really are. love u king of bollywood

  75. Shahrukh khan is the king of the bollywood, that none other actor can deserve it! He is in the industry because of his hardwork and dedication@you are the real Hero SRK ALWAYS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  76. i love you srk you are a king of bollywood iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love you ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk iiiiiiiiiiiiii love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  77. it is true that srk is the king of bollywood without srk bollwood movies are boaring, i am big fan of srk and i wish that srk will alwayes king oe bollywood

  78. king khan is a great actor with a great personality .today there is no any actor to compare with srk.salam is know giving hit but srk is giving big hit to his starting career

  79. You are saying that SRK is a self-made personality, but can you ignore the fact that he has been given so much support by Yash Chopra and Karan Johar.

    Also, as for versatility, he may have done different kinds of films, but his acting is always the same everytime. That’s not versatility as he never plays the character, but plays himself..

  80. I just Say I love You Shahrukh Khan … ye sub allah ka krm ha aaj jo be hoot ap ke bdolt hoon … I LOVE You My hero ….
    Munir Ahmed Sasoli

  81. Our srk sir king of bollywood and king of word becoz bbc 2011 mai ya bath dicliyar kiya tha ki srk most popular movie star on earth hai and srk ek acha insan bhi hai.the great human in the world.i love you srk sir.

  82. . i loveeeeeeee alot srk….srk is my heart,my life nd my love….srk m crazy for u…i love u sssssssssssssssss rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk alot. i m very big fan of u.

  83. King of the world srk….. You are my hero… East or west srk is the best….very few people comment bad about.. Bcoz they know that you are the best and they cant withstand your popularity…


  85. Dil dekhta hai tumhe sapno me,
    dil kehta hai tumhe sapno me,dil mehsoos karta hai tumhe sapno me,
    dil bichadta hai sapno me,
    dil rota hai sapno me,
    kis din ye dil na dhadka sapno me,

    Bas tumhare liye………….

  86. Todne ke liye waada nahi kiya jaata,
    soch samajh ke pyar nahi kiya jaata,
    yakin karo pyar ho ya bachpana,
    agar dil se ho toh uske bina ek pal bhi jiya nahi jaata..

    • Hi sania very nice commet yo srk.Iam very big fan SRK.
      JUST FOR YOU……………………

  87. asalamu alaykum shahrukh u r da best aur hamisha yaad rakna ki main tumse bohot pyaar karti hun and i will always wish you nothing but success insha allah ameen aur haa ,allah hamisha tumhare saat hain

  88. i like him because he entered into bollywood as not a hero but when i look his acting in darr, bazigar, i understand that he will become the king of bollywood


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