Kareena Kapoor (Heroine Movie Stills)
Kareena Kapoor (Heroine Movie Stills)

Belonging to a legion of creative genius, one that is touted as the first family in the history of Hindi cinema, this perseverant and determined gritty girl had set her eyes on her goals, back in the early 2000s.


Being touted as Bollywood’s ‘Heroine no. 1’, Kareena Kapoor broke the jinx with a powerful performance in Chameli followed by the peppy and vivaciously charming Geet of ‘Jab We Met’! Today, this gorgeous fashionista cum Bollywood diva is known for her beauty and her innate acting prowess.

With a strong film up for release, Kareena spells charisma as Mahi Arora in Madhur Bhandarkar’s magnum opus Heroine! She essays the role of an actress’s life through the deep dungeons of filmdom, amidst all glitz and stardust with consummate ease and perfection.

On a promotional spree for her latest flick ‘Heroine’ that releases this week, Kareena Kapoor took out time to have a short and crisp chat with us, giving away brief details about her character and the film in totality!

Here’s the set-piece of a delightful read, Enjoy!

‘Heroine’ has been making news ever since the film was announced for all right as well as wrong reasons stamping it as the most anticipated film of the year. How was it getting to enact such a strong role of Mahi Arora?

Mahi Arora is an edgy, aggressive, over-emotional and eccentric woman. She doesn’t think before making a decision. Madhur calls her satkeli. I did not prepare for the role with any research. I just followed the script and Madhur. Mahi has many shades and it was brilliant portraying her. I loved playing this character because it had many shades and mood to perform.

You were always Madhur’s first choice for the film. How was it to be back on board with Heroine?

I refused Heroine earlier because I did not have dates to do it. I was busy shooting for Ra.One, Bodyguard and Agent Vinod. Heroine is such a movie that it needed all my time. I was destined to do it and so it came back to me. I finally got a clear patch of days and shot for it in one go. For 75 days, it was all about Heroine.

With a movie like ‘Heroine’ comes in a great sense of responsibility as an actor and huge expectations. With the fan-frenzy worldwide, what is Kareena Kapoor expecting out of ‘Heroine’?

I hope that the audience likes what Madhur and I have put together for them.

‘Heroine’ is a story which gives an insight into the dark dungeons and harsh realities of the glitzy world of cine blitz. How much of Kareena have you put into Mahi?

Apart from the fact that both Mahi my character and I are actresses, there are no similarities.

With the advent of age, Indian films are attaining the level of realism and most importantly it has reached an Era where women are ruling the box office. With ‘Heroine’ also being a hugely woman-oriented film, how do you take the radical change that the industry has undergone?

It has been a slow change, but it was in offering. This change was bound to happen with the new crop of script-writers, directors and producers. People and their thinking have changed. And cinema has always been ever evolving, so this change is welcome and here to stay.

You were and you are always called as Bollywood’s ‘Heroine no.1’ and with a film like ‘Heroine’ up your sleeve, it must have been even more exciting for you. Some even call Heroine as the path breaking film of your career. Do you agree to it? If yes, then why? If no, then why don’t you?

Yes, Heroine is going to be one of the most important films of my career. It has been a brilliant platform for me to go out of my ability and perform. And when that happens, you know that you have left no stone unturned. I can’t wait for the film to release and at the same time I hope everyone likes it.

This is the first time we get to see you pairing up with Madhur Bhandarkar. How was it bonding with him on the sets?

Madhur and I had wanted to work together for a while. And what a brilliant project to work together on! Madhur is a very spontaneous filmmaker and I am a spontaneous actor. I had a lot of fun shooting for the movie. The movie has so many layers to it but at no point did I feel emotionally overwhelmed with all of it because this is how Madhur films a movie, with so much ease. I also learnt two very important words from him – Jhandu and Jalwa.

Coming to the song that has kept the temperature around soaring worldwide: Halkat Jawaani: it has created such a noise! You look smashing in the song and it stands out as one of the most infectious tunes of the year. While some people still feel that the song could have stood out better, what would be your take on Halkat Jawaani?

I have got fabulous response for Halkat and the song is dong wonderfully well.

After ‘Heroine’ what is keeping you busy?

Let the ‘After’ come and then we’ll talk about it!




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