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The Attacks of 26/11 is an upcoming Ram Gopal Verma’s flick that expresses the grief of the most tragic event of this era. Tracks of the album are quite situational and full of emotions. The touchy and sensitive topic of the movie has been enhanced by its music that will surely bring out the on-screen delivery of the subject well.

Still from The Attacks of 26/11 Movie
Still from The Attacks of 26/11 Movie

Maula Maula – The Attacks of 26/11 Music Review

The album opens with the track Maula Maula, a hard hitting number in the power packed vocals of Sukhwinder Singh and Rooshin Dalal. This one is a full on energy track that aptly brings out the emotions, anger and annoyance which the city of Mumbai experienced during the attacks of November 2011. Composer Rooshin Dalal has very beautifully sketched lord Shiva and his destructive, angry avatar in Sanskrit shlokas that fill this track with good energy. It is a heart touching outing where lyrics penned by Kalgi Thakar are catchy and inspirational.

Aatanki Aaye – The Attacks of 26/11 Music Review

Jaspreet Jasz carries the album ahead with another short rebellious track Aatanki Aaye. This number portrays a sarcastic description of the terrorists and their wrong deeds in the form of a story with the arrangements used by the composers Rooshin Dalal and Kaizad Gherda going very well with the genre of the movie. The situational track demanded suitable lyrics and Kalgi has lived up the challenge.

Khoon Kharaba Tabaahi – The Attacks of 26/11 Music Review

The track Khoon Kharaba Tabaahi starts with light musical arrangements in the soft vocals of Suraj Jagan. Composer Amar Mohile enhances the track with the mix of emotions that show both anger and pain as the two shades of the story. Lyrics by Rashid Iqbal are poetic and interesting that question the integrity of the people who were behind this barbaric act that shook the whole world.

Raghupati Raghav – The Attacks of 26/11 Music Review

The album continues with Raghupati Raghav that has an array of singers including Sanah Moidutty, Anita Sridharan, Bornalee Deuri, Vishal R Khosla, Arun Jugle and team coming behind the mike. Composers Vishal R Khosla and Sushil R Khosla bring a new dimension to the traditional song which has historical relevance. A nice piece of flute used towards the beginning of the song brings out a calming effect in the track. It has a stunning gloomy poetry by Liaqat Jafri that touches the soul and brings a feeling of agony and pain. The track has another version which is well composed and sung by Sukhwinder Singh with a nice female chorus singing the hook lines.

The last Word – The Attacks of 26/11 Music Review

Overall the tracks are situational, and rightly so, as they are not meant to top the charts but to support the theme and genre of the subject.

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