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Bipasha Basu and Emraan Hashmi In Raaz 3 Movie Poster
Bipasha Basu and Emraan Hashmi In Raaz 3 Movie Poster


Raaz 3’ is an upcoming horror thriller which has been made under the banner of Vishesh Films. Bhatts are well known for their melodious and emotional music, something which one expects from the music of ‘Raaz 3’ too which has been composed by Jeet Ganguly with Rashid Khan chipping in as well for a song. The album boasts of good representation when it comes to various moods of love and what differentiates ‘Raaz 3’ from the rest is a beautiful use of flute in as many as three tracks, something which is not very usual.

Raaz 3 Music review: Deewana Kar Raha Hai

The album begins with the track ‘Deewana Kar Raha Hai’ which is really catchy, what with Javed Ali’s voice truly expressing the element of ‘dard’ and melancholy in love. This number is very well composed by Rashid Khan who has very dexterously blend the violin, flute and piano which further adds on to the charm. Lyrics, again by Rashid, are quite intense, thus very aptly depicting the feel of the movie.

Raaz 3 Music review: Zindagi Se

Next to arrive is ‘Zindagi Se’, another solo composition in the mellow voice of Shafqat Ali Khan. This is a slow number which begins on low notes but picks up pace in no time. Jeet Ganguly enters the scene with this song and brings on the magnificent sound of piano which ties the thread of strong lyrics by Sanjay Masoom along with scintillating voice of Shafqat. Use of melodious flute in this track makes it come closer to the soul and heart.

Raaz 3 Music review: Rafta Rafta

The album is carried forward with ‘Rafta Rafta’ in the pleasant and appealing vocals of K.K. Magic of his voice can be felt in the track which again includes a fabulous play of flute that adds on to the melody and heart-touching appeal. Still, even though Sanjay Masoom’s lyrics are simple, they miss hitting center of the dart board.

Raaz 3 Music review: Oh My Love

Oh My Love’ is the only duet track in the entire album which comprises of six tracks in total. This one is sung by the two pioneers of melody, Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. The track begins with a couple of English lines with melody ruling the proceedings again. A love song that manages to uplift the overall mood, it has some catchy lyrics by Sanjay Masoom that aptly depict the celebration of love.

Raaz 3 Music review: Kya Raaz Hai

What follows next is a solo ‘Kya Raaz Hai’ which has Shreya Ghoshal leading the charge. This one is a fast paced track that appropriately marks the theme music of the movie. This composition from Jeet inculcates a feeling of thrill and horror in the mind of the listener. Lyricist Kumaar too deserves an acknowledgement for his piece of work which actually symbolizes an element of suspense in the movie. A relatively shorter track that lasts just over three minutes, it is enough to bind your attention.

Raaz 3 Music review: Khayalon Mein

The album ends in the soulful voice of Shreya Ghoshal with the track “Khayalon Mein”. This one is another mesmerizing number but what sets it apart from the other tracks is its electrifying start. This one is an interesting piece of work done by Jeet and Kumaar that would make you tap your feet.

Raaz 3 Music review: The Last Word

Overall, ‘Raaz 3’ is a good album that brings to fore the mood of love and a feeling of togetherness on one side while the ‘dard’ of distance on another. However with melody ruling form the front, the soundtrack turns out to be a nice treat for the listeners.



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