October Music Review: Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)


Music Director/s: Shantanu Moitra, Abhishek Arora, Anupam Roy.

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Shoojit Sircar is one of those directors who possesses a good ear for music. Be it Vicky Donor or Piku, his movies have gifted some memorable songs to Bollywood. Let’s analyse whether the much-hyped music album of October could live up to the expectations.

October Music Review
October Music Review: Not Just For A Month, This Is Music For Life!

October Music Review – Theher Ja

The album starts with Armaan Malik’s Theher Ja, an upbeat fast paced romantic song. After hearing multiple times, I just was not able to connect with it. Still, there’s something that makes me want to go back and hear it again. The reason might be Abhiruchi Chand’s lyrics as they’re the best thing about this compositions. Abhishek Arora could’ve mellowed down with the music as this song required soothing music and a few more high notes.

October Music Review – October Theme

This is from those kinds of compositions for which you need to close your eyes, plug your earphones and just drown in it. Also if I had a choice to have an underlying music for my life, this would surely make it to the top 5. Shantanu Moitra is the master here but this theme belongs to Rohan Roy, the lead Violin player. There are very few theme songs that come with a purpose and this one deservingly serves it.

October Music Review – Tab Bhi Tu

“Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna…” The core concept of this song is itself so strong that you would just start to like this one by hearing its title. There are some songs which are not meant for certain singers and this is one of those. Anupam Roy’s cameo as a guest composer surely lives up to the expectations but where the makers go wrong is the choice of the singer. Throughout the song, I just imagined how magical this song would’ve sounded in the voice of Arijit Singh or Mohit Chauhan. Tanveer Ghazi’s command over Urdu makes this song special.

October Music Review – Manwaa

The legendary ‘S’ trio of Sunidhi Chauhan – Shantanu Moitra – Swanand Kirkire unite for this song. More on the lines of Judaai from Badlapur, Manwaa is calm and composed with heavy lyrics. This could be based on the character of Banita Sandhu portraying the sorrow in the relationship.

October Music Review – Chal

Again, the winner of the song is Tanveer Ghazi with his happy-go-lucky lyrics. Monali Thakur takes this to another level with her voice making it a quirky listen. Moitra pumps up the pace for this one which surely was a required thing for this song. This might not have a long shelf life but I can already see how well it would look in the movie.

Last Word – October

A good thing about October album is every song has one very good thing about it. Theher Ja’s mysterious pullback quality, October Theme’s violin, Tab Bhi Tu’s soul tearing lyrics, Manwaa’s laidback feel and Chal’s feel-good presence. This might not click with every music lover but there is a dedicated audience for such albums.





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