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Music Director/s: A. R. Rahman

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Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro is all set to hit the theaters next month. The period drama has been directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar and the music of the film has been composed by A R Rahman. The soundtrack consists of eight songs.

Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in a still from movie 'Mohenjo Daro'
Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in a still from movie ‘Mohenjo Daro’

Here’s a look at the music of the songs here:

Mohenjo Mohenjo – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

The album opens with Mohenjo Daro‘s title song. Crooned by Arijit Singh, A. R Rahman and Bela Shende, the track is more like an introductory song that captures the spirit of the setting where the story is based. As an audio track, the song’s lyrics certainly don’t mean much but Rahman’s musical arrangements surely don’t go unnoticed. It seems the visual appeal of this song will be more important for it to become a hit.

Sindhu Ma – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

Sindhu Ma is a slow-paced track that has been crooned by A R Rahman himself along with female vocals by Sanah Moidutty. Since the film is a period drama, this song seems more like a prayer for the Indian river Sindhu. The song is actually a separate version of Tu Hai song which was the first one to be released. The musical arrangements are different for this song.

Sarsariya – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

Sarsariya takes off with some amazing beats that are significant to most Rahman compositions. The best part about this song is Shashaa Tirupati’s vocals. Her voice is extremely fresh and compliments perfectly well for the song’s musical arrangements. Lyrically too, the song is quite likable. The male vocals have been given by Shashwat Singh and blend well in the song. This is definitely one of the better songs from the album that can be heard as an audio track.

Tu Hai – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

Tu Hai makes up for a soothing hear thanks to the vocals of A R Rahman and Sanah Moidutty. It is a slow-paced song with musical arrangements pulled off quite intelligently. There is a sense of calm that this track provides to its listener and also since the film is a period drama, the lyrics are penned in pure Hindi which is quite unique considering we live in the times of ‘Pyaar Ki Maa Ki Puja Karni Hai‘. Tu Hai will charm you if you have a penchant for Rahman’s slow numbers.

Whispers Of The Mind / Whispers Of The Heart – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

Whispers Of The Heart is an extension of Whispers Of The Mind.

Whispers Of The Mind is majorly a instrumental score with chanting by Arjun Chandy.

Both of them sound like sonic sounds that one may receive in world music CDs, which are sold under the names of ‘Sounds of the Earth’.

The Shimmer Of Sindhu – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

The Shimmer Of Sindhu is an instrumental version of Tu Hai. It sounds like one of those tracks that is usually played at fine-dine restaurants as a background score. If you like the song, you will like the instrumental version too.

Lakh Lakh Thora – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

No idea why the song has been named Lakh Lakh Thora since it is an instrumental version of Sarsariya. Other than the fact that the musicians have worked hard on this instrumental version, there is nothing valuable about this track in the album.

The Last Word – Mohenjo Daro Music Review

The soundtrack of Mohenjo Daro seems to be highly unrelatable. These are not songs that you can hum on your way to work nor can you dance to it. Coming from A R Rahman, there is no doubt that the album is high on quality but it lacks connect.

My picks from album are Sarsariya and Tu Hai. I am going with a 2/5 for the album!

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  1. you are exactly correct ,,he is genius, this historical era never connected or available now in our history ,so director n composer trying to connect something unique with creation ,so wait n watch the movie ,you cant review such an album that only with limited songs..there are only three songs other things are experimental compositions ,,be patient …if you want only dance and hummm so we have lot of past movies .you can listen any time …

  2. You are not at all educated 1 to judge this masterpiece.This is not your fault.You are not habituate with good stuff.God will mercy you.

  3. Quality and lack connect in the same sentence.. this shows the class of reviewer.. I hardly believe this baby ko bass pasand hein wala ever listened to tu hai in car.. lack intellect and share disgrace..

  4. very good album…..it’s a relief to hear an album like this after a long time. Excellent musical arrangements by rehman sir …….all the songs are so soothing and calming. On one hand you are lamenting the fact that “pyar ki maa ki pooja karni hai “…. has become the norm of the day and on the other you giving two stars to an exquisite album like this. Listen to the album again. I would give five stars to this album.


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