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Indie rock is one genre that is rarely experimented with in Bollywood films. Of course, any informed music lover would know that Indian Ocean remains to be one of the best bands that have introduced such music in films. After they made their Bollywood break with Black Friday, the band has given us some great hits like ‘Bandeh‘, ‘Des Mera‘ etc. This time with Masaan, they combine a small three track album. Let’s find out how that is!

Richa Chadda in a still from movie 'Masaan'
Richa Chadda in a still from movie ‘Masaan’

Tu Kisi Rail Si – Masaan Music Review

Tu Kisi Rail Si is a beautiful composition that binds you with its brilliant lyrics and even better musical arrangements. Swanand Kirkire croons every word with clarity that is enough to entice you into the composition. Varun Grover’s lyrics are the winner for this song. It is difficult not to fall in love with this unusual love song that conveys much more, minus the usual adjectives associated with the romantic feel.

Mann Kasturi – Masaan Music Review

The song Mann Kasturi kick-starts with an amazing guitar piece and further picks up pace brilliantly. Amit Kilam sings this track and has a chorus of Rahul Ram and Himanshu Joshi, who make the composition even more lively. Nikhil Rao does an amazing job on the guitar portions towards the end as he brings a good variation.

Bhor – Masaan Music Review

Bhor is a little longer than the rest of the songs as it stretches over six minutes. A typical Indian ocean feature, the song has multiple musical instruments weaved in a rare combination. Compared to the first two songs, Bhor is a little weaker but it seems to be a song that will uplift the video and could feature at a crucial point in the film.

The Last Word – Masaan Music Review

Indian Ocean is the answer to all those who think Bollywood music is not experimental. In just a three track album, they convey every emotion and present musical elements that are rich. The album also has Varun Grover’s lyrics working perfectly well for it. This album is a musical treat that one shouldn’t miss!





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