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When it comes to biopics, the music composition is dicey considering that it has to be relevant and has to blend well with the plot. The upcoming biopic Mary Kom has 7 songs, that are an absolute delight to hear. Composers Shashi Suman and Shivam have done a good job as the songs are fresh and not even remotely lifted from any of the trending Aashiqui 2 type songs phase.

Priyanka Chopra in a still from movie 'Mary Kom'
Priyanka Chopra in a still from movie ‘Mary Kom’

Ziddi Dil – Mary Kom Music Review

Ziddi Dil is an energetic number that is inspiring enough if one follows the excellent lyrics. Sung by Vishal Dadlani, his vocals give the perfect boost to this song. With musical arrangements that are good enough to make you get up and groove, this number is a perfect one to motivate you for all the times you get lazy to do something. I would recommend this number specifically to all those who are put off by the idea of fitness and exercise! Just tell your self ‘Dil Ye Ziddi Hai‘. This is another number that has the quality of making you feel good, its a la ‘All Is Well‘ of 3 Idiots.

Sukoon Mila – Mary Kom Music Review

Arijit Singh gives us actual ‘Sukoon’ with the song ‘Sukoon Mila‘. The romantic song is soothing and heart warming. Composed in a manner that you cannot ignore the lyrics, the soft music is truly melody to the ears. One hearing seems incomplete for this number and I found myself hooked onto it for quite a few hearing sessions. This one is sure to enter your playlist soon!

Adhure – Mary Kom Music Review

This is one of the slow numbers that has its lyrics as its highlight. The use of multiple instruments too works fine for this. It is a fresh of breath air when Sunidhi Chauhan takes up songs that have her restricted to singing on the lower notes since her voice blossoms in that range. This song is a good addition to the album.

Teri Baari – Mary Kom Music Review

Another energetic and inspiring track is ‘Teri Baari‘. Although my expectations were heightened by the thought of Mohit Chauhan singing a song for this album, this one did not really stand out as that. Yet, the song is good enough to listen to once and in fact is a really small track. Not an outstanding one, but certainly likable.

Saudebaazi – Mary Kom Music Review

This one comes out as a completely romantic track. Arijit Singh once again proves his mettle with this number as his voice flows beautifully in the song. It is a ‘feel good’ track that has the lyrics cute enough to make you blush. The composition is good with music.

Salaam India – Mary Kom Music Review

This song is more like an anthem that provides you strength with its lyrics. The song is a strong number that may not fit in your regular song lists but will certainly remain to be a unique number. ‘Salaam India‘ is a motivational number that goes with the album theme. With vocals by Vishal Dadlani and Salim Merchant, the song gets a much needed boost and the right spirit.

Chaoro (Lori) – Mary Kom Music Review

Sung by actress Priyanka Chopra herself this is one of the most beautiful songs that I have heard from her as a singer. It is a lullaby that is just soothing to listen to and has quite a deep impact on you. An emotional number, this one manages to speak to your heart directly. With Manipuri lyrics, the song is an absolute delight to the ears and Priyanka manages to put in a lot of love through her vocals into it.

The Last Word – Mary Kom Music Review

The Mary Kom album is a good blend of romantic to inspirational numbers. The classic mix of excellent singers by composers Shashi Suman and Shivam has given the album some great numbers. With seven tracks that have no reprises or remixes, this album promises you plain good music that is original. Just hearing the album, one can guess that the songs have a good placement according to their requirement. I am going with a 3/5 for this good album.

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