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Music Director: Ismail Darbar and Salim-Sulaiman

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This feels like set in the nostalgia of half the people today yearning for good ol’ 90s and early 2000s Bollywood. Ismail Darbar and the duo, Salim and Sulaiman actually teleport you into the period. However, certain obvious flaws appear. For one, the large number required around some 9 odd songs therefore even for the maestros, creativity became an issue, hence often there is either a swar or taal’s blast from their past work, or stressed notes in futile attempts to prolong a number. Lyrics don’t help in creating any magic either. However, for Ghai, music has always been a key zone, therefore, if one can listen to the album without any expectations and comparisons with either the composers’ or the director’s earlier works, it may not be all that bad, in fact it may be a welcome break from the noise clout of the present times.

Indrani Chakraborty (Mishti) in a still from movie ‘Kaanchi’
Indrani Chakraborty (Mishti) in a still from movie ‘Kaanchi’

Kaanchi Re Kaanchi – Kaanchi Music Review

By virtue of being the title track, this song, as far as lyrics are concerned is the summation of the storyline. Sukhwinder Singh’s voice is always a treat but it will be too biased of a listener to grade this song with an A. The use of chorus, instead of adding volume, creates a clutter of noises where after a point one loses track of the contrasts between the lead and the chorus knowing Singh himself has a booming presence.

Tu Sab Kuch Re – Kaanchi Music Review

Anwesha Ismail Darbar is a treat to the ears. She pairs up with Sonu Nigam for this stereo typically Bollywood number that reminds one of a 1990s music album. Beginning with semi – classical notations, this follows a fairly experimental genre with even some regional beats almost close to folk. Apart from all this, it is probably one of the most romantic numbers in the entire album and even otherwise is worth more than a single hearing.

Main Mushtanda – Kaanchi Music Review

It does not have anything to win with lyrics or vocals, but what it manages to do is add a male spin to female – centered item numbers. This, however innovatively done, is commendable. It’s a satirical take on the contemporary times. As far as the beats are concerned, until and unless someone remixes it, it isn’t the best available number for shaking a leg, of course it is nowhere near romance. Credits for voices would go to Aishwarya Mazumdar and Mika.

Koshampa – Kaanchi Music Review

Aman Trikha, Sanchita Bhattacharya and Anwesha Subhash Ghai come together for this classic Subhash Ghai track. First it sets you up in a music zone that is not of the present Bollywood, for one it does not use trance amplifiers; Secondly with the singers, especially Aman Trikha, there is a certain freshness to the song that remains prominent throughout.

Kambal Ke Neeche – Kaanchi Music Review

This is more like a Subhash Ghai film – scores parody. So there are bits of Taal and Pardes and Iqbal and others hidden and fit well in the lyrics. As aloof as it may sound and after a while the track goes symmetrical, it still makes for a fun dance. The chorus goes monotonous throughout the song and yet manages to keep you listening, at least for once. Sanchita Bhattacharya, Neeti Mohan and Aishwarya Mazumdar come together for this number.

Thumka – Kaanchi Music Review

Sonu Nigam and Suzanne D’Mello put together this not–so–commendable song. Yet, it is not the post – 2010 kind of songs as far as the overall notations goes, though it tries hard to be a catch for the disc. It fails but mainly so because of the lyrics. One can hardly make sense of the song yet it sticks to you for a hum after a few listening.

Hindustan Kahan Hai – Kaanchi Music Review

It’s a contemporary take on the national anthem. Might I add, is also a highly preachy version of it. It attempts to motivate and ends up just being another easily forgettable song. Sukhwinder Singh, Raj Pandit and Mohit Chauhan lent their voices to this number.

Adiye Adiye – Kaanchi Music Review

Very colloquial in its overall compilation, this song is also a touch of the Lakshmikant-Payarelaal era and typical desi dance numbers in any 1990s movie fusing together. It’s a really short number sung by Avril Quadros and Sanchita Bhattacharya.

Kaisa Dard Hai Mera – Kaanchi Music Review

Sung by Ankit Tiwari, this number almost seems like a continuation of Tu Sab Kuch, though not a mere extension. We like the semi classical deliverance by Tiwari. The chorus gives it a larger than life feel and this is one of the songs, though a blue one, that might remain in your playlist for quite some time, at least for that gloomy day when you need something sad to express yourself. The acoustic breaks in between makes it a smooth soundtrack.

The Last Word – Kaanchi Music Review

A lot of new voices come together in this album, most of them who stood chances in talent shows prior to this. It is a medley of good and tad bit disappointing tracks coming together. However, save a few numbers, the entire score can be divided into two, semi – classical and desi disc works. This makes the album appear way less creative than it actually is.

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