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Music Director/s: Various artists – Sohail Sen, Mika Singh, Shaarib & Toshi

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The third installment of the hit franchise, Housefull 3 is all set to hit the theaters next month. The film’s music album has been composed by mixed artists and is short four-song album.

Here’s the review of Housefull 3 music:

Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie Housefull 3
Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie Housefull 3

Pyar Ki – Housefull 3 Music Review

The album takes off with peppy number Pyar Ki quite amazingly. In spite of the song’s similarities to many other Bollywood numbers it is the quirky lyrics that work in its favour. The silly lyrics make this song a fun number to listen and groove to. It is expected to become an instant hit with Bollywood music lovers.

Taang Uthake – Housefull 3 Music Review

An out and out dance number, Taang Uthake is a complete entertainer. With Mika Singh’s energetic vocals, this electrifying number promises to make everyone dance with it. With the upbeat nature of the song, there are also the quirky lyrics which grab attention. The song may not enjoy much longevity but will definitely will be popular enough till the time the film enjoys a good run.

Malamaal – Housefull 3 Music Review

Malamaal is a Punjabi number that is probably best to hear when you watch the film. Hopefully, apart from an interesting video, this song may not have much to offer. It has been crooned by Mika along with chorus from other vocalists but fails to maintain the Taang Uthake effect. The song could be more fit for the weddings and may even find itself popular in the wedding season.

Fake Ishq – Housefull 3 Music Review

The Kailash Kher song is a winner when it comes to the lyrics. With a Qawwali touch, the song finds a little resemblance to Mere Brother Ki Dulhan‘s Ishq Risk. The musical arrangements are quite interesting but a certain amount of monotony sets in since the tempo does not pick up much even towards the end which could have been ideal.

The Last Word – Housefull 3 Music Review

The Housefull 3 album may be a petite one but it surely is a dynamite. With four songs which are full on with the Bollywood flavour, there is no question about the commercial viability of this album. My picks from the album are Pyar Ki and Taang Uthake. A 3/5 for the decently enjoyable album!




  1. KOIMOI should kick out his music reviewer.She has zero sense of music .What a crap music of Housefull 3 and reviewer is giving 3 star.
    Reviewer is busy acknowledging either monotonous arijit songs or peppy dance numbers and criticizing rest of singers.


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