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He is often known as the Indian Beethoven and Rahman holds a stature in contemporary Indian music which is notches above any colleague of his can ever match. A.R Rahman is a celebrated musical genius and when I heard of him teaming up with Imtiaz Ali for Highway, my joy knew no bounds. I went in expecting a Rockstar and ended up indulging in better. It has been a while since we have heard the typical soothing symphony of his music that leaves behind a lingering smoothness. Though for many Raanjhanaa was par excellence, for me the music was his most ordinary work. But Highway is no ordinary. It is wholesome and relishable. If the term delicious could sync with music, Highway would impersonate it. In every department, the music of this film gives us separate treats. From melody to lyrics, Highway is one distinguished work from the maestro.

Alia Bhatt in a still from movie 'Highway'
Alia Bhatt in a still from movie ‘Highway’

Maahi Ve – Highway Music Review

Maahi Ve has you from the word go. Irshad Kamil’s soaring imagination paints quite an exquisite picture which is mirthful and self exploratory. As wonderfully as Rahman does it, he injects us with an eclectic concoction of fine beats. It enchants you with its lyrics that has the vein of Delhi 6‘s Rehna Tu but it is in the end, Rahman’s gushing voice, that will have you besotted.

Kahaan Hoon Main – Highway Music Review

Jonita Gandhi’s Kahaan Hoon Main grows on you skillfully. It is delicate and hummable. Soft and eager, the song sketches in its folds the ambiance of the story itself. It is quite often that brooding situations make us lose our connect with the self and if you are losing your grip, the song will enthuse your optimistic vigor to seek the slipping clasp.

Patakha Guddi – Highway Music Review

In true terms, this song lives up to the hype built around the album. It is thumping and energetic. Nooran Sisters along with Rahman who render their voices to this piece do it exceptionally well. There is grandiose in the vocals and the music matches the opulence. This song is attention grabbing and consistently manages to maintain its zest without falling slack.

Sooha Saaha – Highway Music Review

For its lullaby like melting quality, this song is an ultmate winner. Sung by Pakistani singer Zeb of the Zeb and Haniya fame, there is a striking dependable melody in it. Kamil’s words resonate enough to compel you to put the song on loop. It is the bit sung by Alia Bhatt that will steal your heart away for its splendid expression. Sample this, ‘Kyun Na Soye… Kyun Tu Roye…Kyun Tu Khoye Yun Pardes Mein’. It is mellifluously written and the delectable depth in it is surreal.

Wanna Mash Up – Highway Music Review

This one isn’t the most supreme song of the album but Rahman’s experimentation with the musical fabric is quite interesting. He had earlier tried the same vein in Slumdog Millionaire and though that remains another but modest work of the genius, Wanna Mash Up ups the standard of the musician’s value by delving out something extraordinarily new. Painting the imagery of a travel terrain is difficult but merely the tunes do the wonder in this one. Fresh thought is always a delicacy.

Implosive Silence – Highway Music Review

Have you ever felt the essence of freedom? Silent, alone, risky and yet so liberating. Jonita Gondhi’s voice and Rahman’s instrumental organization blends perfectly in making this song a wonder.

Tu Kuja – Highway Music Review

Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice has enigma and the capability to keep the listeners latched and with Tu Kaja she redoes the same magically. The song is a devotional plea that maintains a balance between innocence and hope. Rahman has delivered many ace devotional numbers from O Paalanhare in Lagaan to Man Mohana in Jodhaa Akbar, but this one delivers an entirely different taste. Satisfying to bits!

Heera – Highway Music Review

This song by Shweta Pandit resembles a lullaby but is more rooted in classical music than the regular ones we might have heard. The flavour is folksy and the musical arrangement is done such that at no point does the heavy handedness of the instruments heave over its precious lyrics. We have always heard very on the face instances of fusion music, but this revels in its subtlety.

The Last Word – Highway Music Review

For all those who had thought Rahman was losing his midas touch, well he is back with a bang! The songs in this album are mixed – some you’ll take an instant liking for and the rest just grow on you. But each of its numbers is so intoxicating that I promise you will have one hell of a hard time to get these songs off loop. I am going with a 4/5 for this exemplary album. Crackling!

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    • U r defntly d fan of himesh .. honey singh .. or other so called super music directors !!! .. dude .. listen t these songs fr 4-5 times .. u ll surely get addicted to it !!! …

    • Rahman is at best..Kharkos–U need to listen atleast 4 to 5 times,then u know the value of this movie songs.

      Initially rahman songs wont be sound good if you hear it just for 1 time.

      Just listen it for 4 to 5 times,,then you become addicted


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