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Music Director: Sachin Jigar

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Entertainment‘s album stands out for the dance numbers and the credits for the ‘entertainment’ factor would definitely go to a large extent to the trio of lyricists, Mayur Puri, Ashish Pandit and Priya Panchal. Sachin Jigar does not break any ice but keeping it in tune with classic contemporary Bollywood did work for this album.

Tamannaah and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Entertainment’
Tamannaah and Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Entertainment’

Veerey Di Wedding (Original & Remix Versions) – Entertainment Music Review

Mika Singh redefines entertainment itself with this peppy number and a huge part of the credits would also go to the lyrics. The Punjabi vocabulary and balanced out techno and trance with the dhol set a well organized track in order.

Tera Naam Doon – Entertainment Music Review

Count on this for having made a mark with almost all with fetish over good ol’ romance in the Hindi feature film. Atif Aslam does a classic himself with the intoned grainy voice that makes the song come alive but even more noteworthy is Shalmali Kholgade, the Pareshaan vocalist, complimenting Aslam with the closer to earth touches. The surround sound makes for a very soothing listening experience.

Johnny Johnny – Entertainment Music Review

The lyrics being a parody to the timeless Brit rhyme, this number is the star of the album. Techno trance prevails as the theme – setter for the music to this song. But noteworthy is the vocal combination set by Priya Panchal, Jigar and Madhav Krishna to bring alive the amusing lyrics. You could laugh to, dance to or just simply let be as far as this one is considered.

Teri Mahima Aprampaar – Entertainment Music Review

This one is a dance number with the feature film soundtrack mix in none other than the 90s trademark voice, owned by Udit Narayan. He even does a dual voice flow – through in the track. Anushka Manchanda is however highly underutilized as far as the female vocals go.

Nahin Woh Saamne – Entertainment Music Review

A rhythmic continuation to Tera Naam Doon , this one only features Atif Aslam and stands as almost a reprise version and more on the lines of melancholy, however the album doesn’t mention so.

The Last Word – Entertainment Music Review

Sachin Jigar keeps it fun and typical. If grooving is the activity for you, there is no reason for you to complain here. However, apart from lyrics it’s hard to give cookies for originality. Also, one fails to understand why both Shalmali Kholgade and Anushka Manchanda remain in the sidelines in numbers that could do with a strong female vocal lead.

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