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Music Director: Mithoon, Pritam and Ankit Tiwari

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Though Aashiqui 2 was a dominating hit last year, I did not find the music partcularly appealing. It didn’t lack soul but the somber tone doesn’t quite work with me. But Ek Villain makes up for everything and more. Mohit Suri’s taste for melody cannot be doubted as the filmmaker uses an album that is fine blend of ballads and rock, infusing the right octave of harmony is every single song. In a long time there hasn’t come an album which has such perfectly pitched songs, each of them a winner. Music Directors get all the credit for creating a wholesome album like this. Let’s head ahead for a closer dissection of the lot.

Shraddha Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra in a still from movie ‘Ek Villain’
Shraddha Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra in a still from movie ‘Ek Villain’

Galiyan – Ek Villain Music Review

This is the most attractive song of the album and I have been humming it ever since I saw the trailer for the first time. It has an enticing rock piece bound within a romantic track. The rock piece will remind you of the one used in Papon’s gem Jiyein Kyun but the tonality of this one is far more vivacious and upbeat. With the chorus arrangement impressing specifically, it is the soothing lyrics of the film which holds the maximum plusses. The lingering quality of this song isn’t without a reason. Ankit Tiwari’s music and voice adds the required finesse in this song and what he has made darn great!

Banjaara – Ek Villain Music Review

When Murder 2 released, it was hard to let go off the song, Dil Samhal Ja Zara. And till date, finding new love after suffering the trauma of unrequited love has to be complimented with this number. Banjara is lightyears better than DIL Samhal Ja and that’s the magnitude of my liking for the song. I wouldn’t make a statement so tall so casually. Composed by Mithoon, it is primarily Mohd Irrfan who makes the song irresistible with his magnificent voice. The sepulchral mood is probbaly suggestive of some situation in the film. And though I did not take an instant liking to Banjaara, I assure you 5 listens later, this song will be your best choice all week.

Zaroorat – Ek Villain Music Review

Now, this is classic melodrama. While many might have a taste for songs like this, for me it was the album’s weakest track. Using the usual concoction of yearing for love and heartbeak, this song seems like an unused track from Aashiqui 2 reeking of the same overt melodrama. Probably in the film it will prove beneficial,I guess the album could have fared better without the sappyness of this number.

Awari – Ek Villain Music Review

Momina Mustehsan has a very interesting voice. And such experimental tracks are always welcome in the mainstream music scenario. The rustic quality of her voice works well with the heavy beats. Don’t expect a disco number, this isn’t anything like that. Adnan Dhool sounds closer to Kailash Kher and it is simply the freshness ofthe number that had me floored. It’s a dark song with something very delicious about it.

Humdard – Ek Villain Music Review

And finally it is the hero Arijit Singh who maes a bombastic entry in this album. Though his voice is a treat, the song doesn’t do justice to him. His melodious voice is simple and that works quite as the saving grace of the track. It is very regular song but probably such a simple song manages to balance out the heavier numbers. The guitar strumming and Arijit are all that is there is this piece.

Unplugged Galliyan – Ek Villain Music Review

I usually don’t stem out another subheading for song that have two versions. But, it would be a crime to not give the honor to this number.Shraddha Kapoor’s voice has more depth than perfection, and probable it is she who makes it sound so volatile. I like that the best about this song. It is my personal favorite here and this version easily topples Ankit’s. Kudos to Tiwari that he managed to get out the best from her .

The Last Word – Ek Villain Music Review

​I am in love with the music of this film. The sinister Awari to the euphonious Galliyan, the album as a whole has a bunch of brilliant tracks which must not be missed. I understand that a few songs do have hiccups but Ek Villain‘s music has something canorous about it. Don’t miss this one, it will emerge as on eof the best albums this year. I am going with a 4/5

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