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Music Director: Shantanu Moitra

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Bobby Jasoos‘ is an album that has the potential to engage you but it does not ensue a likeability towards it. The music is average and there are no remarkable numbers in it. The soundtrack composed by Shantanu Moitra is not latched to a solo genre yet there is certain similarity in all the tracks that eventually leads to a monotony while hearing the album.

Vidya Balan and Ali Fazal in a still from movie ‘Bobby Jasoos’
Vidya Balan and Ali Fazal in a still from movie ‘Bobby Jasoos’

Jashn – Bobby Jasoos Music Review

With Shreya Ghosal & Bonnie Chakraborty’s vocals, the song ‘Jashn’ is an energetic number that fails to spin the ‘Jashn’ mood. Since the film is based in the Hyderabad, this song has picked up a few Hyderabadi beats but Moitra’s Bengali touch still remains. Even though the song comes out as a upbeat number, it does not stay with you. After two hearings, the song is not as enjoyable.

Tu – Bobby Jasoos Music Review

Again a Shreya Ghosal track with Papon, Tu will take you by surprise with its Indian classical feel. The use of classical Indian instruments such as the Tabla and Sitar give the track a good a depth and blend perfectly with Shreya and Papon’s excellent voices. The Sitar pieces in the song are what you want to look forward to. It is a Ghazal, that the modern music scene is missing today. When heard carefully, one realizes that the number is a significant Shantanu Moitra composition, almost coming close to any song from the hit ‘Parineeta’ soundtrack.

B.O.B.B – Bobby Jasoos Music Review

The title track of the film, ‘B.O.B.B Ki Jasoosi’ is an interesting number if you pay attention to the lyrics. The song is basically a description of the character ‘Bobby’. Although as a song, it does not really live up to the soundtrack. It has enough beats and chorus yet the song comes out as a chaotic number. The effort seems to be towards achieving a mixture of retro Broadway style music mixed with Indian beats. The Indian beats also remind you of the ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’ title track. Being a tad bit too stretched, the five minute long track, it drains you out by the end.

Sweety – Bobby Jasoos Music Review

‘Sweety’ is a track that comes as a surprise in this album. Again an upbeat number with ample of chorus similar to the others, somehow it manages to hook you better. The song is quite enjoyable as it has a mix of good lyrics and the whole foot tapping music. It is a song that can uplift your mood and seems to be a ‘feel good’ and a happy occasion number in the film.

Tu (Reprise) – Bobby Jasoos Music Review

The reprise version of ‘Tu’ does not turn out as impressive as the original track. With the exchange of vocals for the female and male parts in the song, there is not much difference compared to the original. The Classical notes remain the same and there is not much experimentation in instruments. When mentioned as a reprise version, I expected the song to have either a shift from its Tabla base to a Sitar version or an altogether alteration of the music. The seven minute song remains to be the same as the earlier version, if only one wants to chose between Papon and Shreya Ghosal’s exchanged vocals.

The Last Word – Bobby Jasoos Music Review

The film may be a detective drama but that does not give it a leeway to have an unimpressive soundtrack. While the expectations are high as Shantanu Moitra handles the chords, compared to his previous works, this comes out as a downer. The music does not enliven your spirits besides a few tracks that can find a way into your playlists. It is a below average work from someone who is capable of much more. I am going with a 2/5.

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