Zaira Wasim is young, successful and a role model for many young girls. The fact that she does not want to be called as anyone’s role model as she wants everyone to have their own individuality and identity makes her furthermore endearing. After having won a National Award for her debut film Dangal, Zaira Wasim is now all set to win your hearts and attention with her most awaited film Secret Superstar, in which, she shares the screen space with none other than Aamir Khan again!.


Satish Sundaresan of KoiMoi met up with Zaira Wasim for a heartfelt interview. Present are the excerpts:

Zaira Wasim
Zaira Wasim

The tagline of the film Secret Superstar states ‘Dream dekhna toh basic hai’. So, what has been your dream?
I agree that ‘Dream dekhna toh basic hai’, but, I am yet to figure out what should I dream about! (smiles). I am yet to discover a dream for myself.

What about acting then?
Acting was something which I never thought that I will get into. It just happened.

In a time and age when people are dying to work with Aamir Khan even in a scene, you have done two full-length films with him. How is the feeling?
It’s really great. It has been such a wonderful journey. I feel very lucky and blessed to work with Aamir sir twice. Not just Aamir sir, even the other people were so very amazing to work with.

How did you bag the role in Secret Superstar?
Secret Superstar happened even before I started shooting for my first film (Dangal). I was going to Aamir Khan Productions’ office to watch the wrestling videos. That’s when I got to know about them inviting entries for a screen test stating that they were looking for a girl in her teens who could sing. I knew that I did not have a chance as I cannot sing. I had given my number to the concerned people and then, went to Kashmir. And when I came back after a week or so, they called me for an audition. And the rest is history.

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Does that make you a believer in destiny?
Oh yes! I am a great believer in destiny.

How much do you identify with the character that you play in the film?
I just don’t. That’s why it came to me as a challenge to do this role. I come from a family where the girl child is loved a lot. My father and mother have always been so very encouraging to allow me to do what I always wanted to do. That’s why it was quite a task for me to get into the skin of my character Insiya in the film.

Tell us a bit about your character Insiya.
She is a 14-year-old girl who dreams and loves to dream. She is extremely passionate about singing and is very close to her mother. She is very good at playing the guitar.

People always term Aamir Khan as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’. Since you have worked closely with him in two films, do you feel that it’s the right title for him?
Passionate is the word. The love and passion that he has towards his work is what drives him to perfection.

Tell us about your onscreen mother Meher Vij?
I simply love her and adore her. The time that I have spent with her on screen and off screen is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

You had even learnt the guitar for the film! Was it easy to learn?
It was definitely tough to learn the guitar. But, it was something that I always wanted to learn.

How important are studies to you now at this stage of your life?
Studies would always be more important than anything else.

Two films with Aamir Khan and a National Award at the age of 16 years! What next for you?
Whatever has happened so far has happened through destiny. So, whatever is destined to happen, will surely happen in its own time.

Tell us something about your onscreen brother in Secret Superstar?
His name is Kabir. He is simply a pro in anything and everything! He knows everything of everyone. Right from acting to the camera angles and even the jobs of the DoP and also the ADs! He is a brilliant kid.

With Bollywood becoming you second home, are there any plans of shifting your base to Mumbai?
I do not see myself shifting to Mumbai anytime soon. I cannot even think of leaving my hometown Kashmir.






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