Every time I meet the spunky Shahana Goswami, she always manages to surprise in one way or the other. Of late, she has been sorely missing from the silver screen. When asked about the reason, she said that she has now shifted to Paris as her new home. But, that does not mean that she will be quitting Bollywood and make her innumerable fans deprived of seeing her on the silver screen. For all those who missed this stunning beauty named Shahana Goswami, the good news is that she will be soon seen in a film named Tu Hai Mera Sunday.


Satish Sundaresan of Koimoi met up with Shahana Goswami for an all exclusive interview. Present are the excerpts:

"Tu Hai Mera Sunday Has A Soul Which Touches You"- Shahana Goswami
“Tu Hai Mera Sunday Has A Soul Which Touches You”- Shahana Goswami

Shahana, how is it like to be coming on the silver screen after such a long time?
Actually, I have been regularly coming on the silver screen, but, in some other parts of the world. (smiles). But, it’s always special to come back to India.

What, in your opinion, is the basic difference between the working styles of India and abroad?
I think there’s a very big difference. There’s one thing which needs to change and is changing as well. I am referring to the writing aspect In India. We give very little time and importance to writing and writers, something that is changing here.

Why you chose Tu Hai Mera Sunday as your ‘comeback film’??
Because the film is really wonderful, refreshing and light-hearted. It has a soul which touches you. My role in the film is so exciting, which was such a welcome change after being typecast in many films. It’s a first time, that after such a very long time, I got to play a young part with romantic shades.

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Which is your favourite scene from the film?
It has to be the scene which gets featured towards the end. It’s a culmination scene on the rooftop, which was picturised on Barun Sobti’s character and my character.

Can you touch upon a bit about your character in the film?
I play the role of a south Indian girl named Kavya Ranganathan aka Kaavi. She is an urban and modern city girl who is extremely successful in her career. She also has a father to be taken care of, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Amidst all this, she has lost her own private time of her life.

What about the film’s songs?
The songs have not been thrust in the film. The lyrics have been written by Milind himself, who has carried the film forward through the songs in such a beautiful manner.

What will be your choice: A small role in a mega-budgeted film or a stellar role in a small budgeted film?
I will go with a stellar role in a small budgeted film.

Cite the best reason for the audience to go and watch Tu Hai Mera Sunday?
Come for yourselves. The film will remind you that there are many things in life which can make you feel happy about.




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