We interview celebs because it’s our job, but there are some interviews for which we’ve chose this field to be in. Umesh Punwani of KoiMoi had a detailed conversation with one of those inspiring souls, Sumeet Vyas. He talks about Ribbon, Permanent Roommates Season 3, Tripling Season 3 and much more.


Something about Ribbon? I personally felt it’s Mikesh’s (Permanent Roommates) story post having a baby!

(Laughs!) Ribbon is fairly more serious kind of film. The only similarity between Ribbon and Permanent Roommates is it is a story about an urban couple. It’s a unique film, more of a docudrama of sorts. When I saw the first rough cut of the film, I felt I’m sitting in a couple’s drawing room being a part of their journey. Ribbon has been shot that realistically. It is a diametrically opposite experience of playing Mikesh.

Movies in which you connect with the characters are been remembered for a long time, I don’t know if you’ve seen a recent gem – Tu Hai Mera Sunday?

Yes! I missed that film, Maanvi (Gagroo) is also in that film. Rasika Duggal is also in it. I’ve to watch that film as soon as possible else they’ll beat me up (Laughs!).

How was working with Kalki Koechlin?

I kind of know her since before because we both come from the theater background. We kept bumping into each other, mostly when we used to party and get drunk. But we never had the opportunity to work with each other. A lot of credit goes to her because from the very first day of rehearsal we were in the zone. She has no starry tantrums when she’s working she’s a thorough professional and that’s what I really appreciated about her. She’s a very open actor. Working in a film like Ribbon, you need to have a certain amount of trust on your co-actor and we both had plenty of it.

Sumeet Vyas' Exclusive Interview On Tripling Season 2, Permanent Roommates Season 3, Ribbon & Much More
Sumeet Vyas’ Exclusive Interview On Tripling Season 2, Permanent Roommates Season 3, Ribbon & Much More

You’ve always mentioned how in real life you’re nowhere close to Mikesh but what about your character in Ribbon, you relate to it?

Yes, my character in Ribbon is far closer to me in real life. He is more sombre and normal like me, a less confrontational kind of person. In real life too, I’m less confrontational. I don’t know how to consult, I stay silent.

You’re acting since 17 years now, why do you think Bollywood took so long to recognize a talent like you?

I guess that’s because I wasn’t serious about exploring my talent at first. I was doing theater and whenever I needed money I used to television or any work I get. I never used to think how all this will affect my career. Till I get a decent amount of money, I never thought about what kind of role in doing. I did a television show in 2009 which got little popular and that’s when I got aware about the reach these other mediums had. Since then I got a bit serious about my work. Partly for this reason and partly because sometimes people take some time to recognize talent (Laughs!).

The way you approached TVF to let you work with them was also a thing many actors refrain from doing.

Yeah! That was also not because I had any intention to be famous. I really liked the kind of work they’re doing. Also, back then they were not these hotshots they’re now. The intention was the same back then too, of doing interesting work with interesting people. If work wasn’t coming to me, my idea was to go to work, to approach people that I exist and I want to do work with you. Maybe, if back then they were as famous as they’re now, I would’ve hesitated a bit before approaching them. Because I felt that they’re one of us, I approached them. The work culture at TVF is very inspiring. They’re not making content just because they’re famous or a big brand, they’re making it because they believe in it. Many others make a show either because they’ve got sponsored or a star has said yes – the story comes at last in the chain. In TVF they bring up a story first, then they start the ways to mould it in a show.

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You’ve also made an amazing sweet-little-innocent short film, Haircut?

Yes! Post doing English Vinglish I had a lot of free time because many people really thought the makers have casted a Pakistani actor in it. So I was just sitting at home and writing some stuff with my buddy Anand Tiwari. I made Haircut because it’s simple and innocent. Whatever short films I’ve watched, I never tend to understand them. I never understand why people take the complicated way to say a story, why can’t you just tell it in a simple way in 10-15 minutes. It should be something you could relate to and enjoy, why it should be a shot of an umbrella or a camel which usually is senseless. I, myself have been through that situation. Free years ago, a fancy salon was opened opposite Prithvi theater. I used to think whether it’s a bungalow or something but then someone told it’s a haircutting salon. I was mesmerized seeing how beautiful girls attended me, washed my hair. For a simple man who paid 40 for a haircut at a roadside salon, this fancy salon was a very surreal experience.

What about Veere Di Wedding? Experience of working with people like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor?

It has been very good. Veere Di Wedding is a true blue ensemble film and when I was shooting for it I never realised I was shooting with a big star. A lot of credit goes to them, they never created that starry aura on set making me comfortable with my work. So far it has been a lot of fun.

What apart from Ribbon & Veere Di Wedding?

After Ribbon releases, I’ll start writing Tripling Season 2. It’s on cards since a lot of time now but I was busy with other assignments.

The big common question by every of your fan, when is Permanent Roommates season 3 arriving?

That’s my common question too! Whenever I meet Biswapati Sarkar, I always ask him when is season 3 coming. Because Biswapati writes it and don’t know where he is busy nowadays, he’s not writing it yet but we hope some news will be out soon.




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