Celebrated actor Piyush Mishra has made cinephiles fall in love with his versatile portrayals and the life that he puts in them. The actor recently gave yet another acclaimed performance in a short film titled Katran. Directed by debutant Prem Singh and produced by Shashi Prakash Chopra, Katran talks about an elderly couple heading towards a divorce and what leads to it. In a candid chat with Koimoi the veteran actor spoke about Katran, his idea of a good role and how actors are employees of cinema.

Piyush Mishra: “With Cinema We Are More Like Employs, Theater Gives Us The Freedom To Choose”
Piyush Mishra: “With Cinema We Are More Like Employs, Theatre Gives Us The Freedom To Choose”


Why Katran?

The script, it attracted me towards it and it was bound to happen. The story is itself so brave. When a young couple is getting divorced, it is no more a big thing, but when an elderly couple who have walked a long way are heading for a separation is a huge thing. If there is a problem in a marriage after you have crossed a certain age that means there is an issue that needs to be addressed and Katran did exactly that. So that is what attracted me.

How do you choose your characters?

The script, my character should be a part of the exception, it should not be the rule. If the part is exceptional and challenging it attracts me or else it doesn’t.

So choosing parts that are varied in every possible way, be it the storyteller in Tamasha or the lawyer in Pink or as a director focusing on Bhagat Singh’s journey is a conscious choice?

No, it just happens, it is my habit to do different things. I can’t do the same thing again, even if someone offers me the same thing I deny doing it.

How was it working with Prem who is making his debut as the director and the Producer Shashi Chopra?

It was very good, I am not someone who gets sceptical with the fact that I am working with a debutant be it the director or a member of the project as a whole. I first read the script and interacted with Shashi Ji and Prem. They answered all my question and I had many, so there wasn’t any problem. So the character had its pace growing on me, and they were gracious enough to answer all my queries and doubts.

So when everyone is trying to crack the code unconventional stories does it pressurise an artist like you to bring uniqueness to your part?


There is no pressure. The only pressure is that of the character, with each the pressure increases. If I talk about Tamasha, the pressure was to portray this person in a unique way and I did that. If you ask about any pressure other than that, there is none.

So is that a patent Piyush Mishra process to get into the mind of the characters?

Everyone has its own process which is the method. I do have one, I can’t explain it so easily. Everyone has one to approach their character. So while working all these years I have created one for me, it is now that it has turned out to be a complete one.

How do you balance all the hats at ones? You are an actor, a poet, director and writer.

It is not a big thing, you just need to have your mind at peace. If you don’t calm down your brain it will get distracted. So I try to keep my mind calm and vipassana helps a lot in it.

So have you found your dream character yet or are you still, looking for it?

There is no dream as such cinema. I have many characters that I want to play or work on in theatre but not with Cinema. With the cinema we are more like employees, we are given work, we have the choice to do it or not. So with films, we are more like employees, theatre gives us the freedom to choose.

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