Indu Sarkar is making the right as well as wrong noises before its release. A section of Congress leaders are apparently unhappy with a film being based on the period of Emergency during Congress’ regime under Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and has alleged that the project has been sponsored by the ruling party BJP.


Talking to Koimoi in an exclusive interview, Indu Sarkar’s lead actress Kirti Kulhari reacted, “I really wish it was (sponsored by the BJP)! It would be a huge budget film considering there are so many people in the BJP and it has so many supporters! It would at least be a 50-crore budget film. But unfortunately, it’s not (sponsored by the BJP). I am so sorry to disappoint everyone. It’s just Mr Bharat Shah doing his best.”

Kirti Kulhari Reacts To Congress’ Allegations Of Indu Sarkar Being Sponsored By BJP
Kirti Kulhari Reacts To Congress’ Allegations Of Indu Sarkar Being Sponsored By BJP

In the Madhur Bhandarkar directed period drama, Kirti plays a woman who she describes as, “Whose only ambition is to be a good wife. During the emergency, certain incidents happen which trigger conflicts between her and her husband and how their beautiful life starts falling apart. Her life just takes a very different path. She is left with nothing at the end of that path but she still finds herself.”

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Talking about the reason why she chose to be a part of the film, Kirti said, “The first thing which attracted me towards the film was the script. The emergency is incorporated so well in the film, it’s the whole backdrop. I didn’t know a lot about Emergency before working in this film. Similarly, I want people to know more about Emergency through this. It is the darkest chapter of our Indian democracy and nobody is aware of it! Apart from that, I was given a character which was tough to do, which was completely different from what I’ve done so far. I would be a fool to say no to such a film.”

Indu Sarkar hits theatres on 28th July.




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