Our star celebrity to be interviewed this time is none other than the gorgeous Zareen Khan, whose twitter handle states that she is ‘Actor, Animal-lover, Traveller, Explorer and More’. After having done many films, of late, she has been seen romancing the TV screens and also setting the internet afire with her sizzling (but not vulgar) performance in her upcoming film Aksar 2.

Satish Sundaresan of KoiMoi met up with Zareen Khan for an exclusive interview.


How is it to be ‘Zareen Khan now?
It really feels great. Wherever I am today, I am very thankful.

You wanted to be a doctor initially. Any regrets of not pursuing the same?
No. I do not have any regrets in my life, because everything that I did in my life, whether it was right or wrong, gave me experiences. It was all of these experiences which have made me the person that I am today.

You got hugely appreciated in your leading role in the 2014 Punjabi movie Jatt James Bond, which was a box office success. With names like Priyanka Chopra getting into film production, ever thought of making a film like Jatt James Bond or anything else for that matter?
I would love to. But, so far, I do not understand production. But, the makers of the Punjabi film were considering making the film in Hindi. If that happens, then it will be really great.

What was your first reaction when you got a call to star in Aksar 2?
I was very happy and thrilled when I got a call. I was happy because, it was after such a long time that I was getting to play a female solo lead in a film. The role which was offered to me was extremely strong and the whole movie revolves around the character which I play. I was more than happy to do it.

Do you feel that Aksar 2 will be your career defining film?
Every film that a person makes, the person wants that particular film to be a career defining film. And, Aksar 2, for me, is no different.

How was it to work with Ananth Mahadevan as a film maker?
It felt really great as Ananth sir comes from a theatre background. Being a great actor himself, he is very focused on everything. Right from the word go, he was very clear as to how he wanted his characters to look and behave.

How different is he from the existing breed film makers or with whom you have worked so far?
Even though I have not got a lot of opportunities to work with many filmmakers, the ones with whom I have worked, Ananth sir ups them up a bit, because he comes from a theatre background.

Looking back, how was it to see yourself in a film or a hoarding for the first time?
I cried, although I did not know why I was crying.

What, in your opinion, do you think about Aksar 2, which will make it a smash hit at the box office?
Aksar 2 is a part of a successful franchise. The script of a film is really very strong, which remains unpredictable till the last. Our film will keep you guessing till the end. The whole unpredictability aspect is the USP of the film, which will keep the audiences hooked on to it.




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