We recently met the four fukras- Richa Chadha, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma and Manjot Singh for an exclusive interview and we must say that they all are a crazy bunch of people.


We absolutely loved chatting with all the four of them. And let us tell you that all the fukras are exactly the same as we watch them on-screen- teasing, leg-pulling and much more! But all of us missed Ali Fazal as he was caught up with some other commitments. The whole Fukrey Returns team is geared up for the release on December 8, 2017.

Exclusive! Team Fukrey Returns Talks About Their Excitement, Box-Office, Bigg Boss 11 And More
Exclusive! Team Fukrey Returns Talks About Their Excitement, Box-Office, Bigg Boss 11 And More

Excerpts from the interview:

1. The trailer of Fukrey Returns received a great response from the fans. What all compliments you got from your friends and family?

Pulkit Samrat: They are always excited to watch us. My family is very brutal when it comes to criticizing or giving an honest feedback. And I think everybody’s family is! They have enjoyed the trailer and the songs. So God’s been kind so far.

Varun Sharma: Obviously parents and friends are very excited. And Fukrey is a special film for all of us. The first one was received so well and everyone loved that part. So more than at a personal level, they are also excited to watch the film.

Manjot Singh: My family has always been supportive and they are very excited always to me on-screen. But my family and friends are shocked as in any family functions I shy away from dancing but how come I am dancing in the movies! (Laughs)


Richa Chadha: The first film is obviously very special, most of us started our careers. So it came as a surprise because no one expected the film to do really well. Even for Excel Entertainment, given that they make such huge films, it was a new kind of film, it was a risk as it was a smaller film. So now I feel this is an underdog but it’s getting bigger and bigger. People have really enjoyed it and the film has grown on the TV, the characters have become so iconic, like Choocha. And my family is looking forward for the film as the story revolves around Delhi.

2. Did you guys ever think that Fukrey will become a franchise?

Pulkit Samrat: We hoped that it becomes a franchise! Choocha akela sapne dekhta tha film me but life me hum sabne sath me ye sapna dekha tha and it turned out to be true. So, we are happy and everybody is excited.

3. Apart from your characters, what is new in this part?

Varun Sharma: It’s a proper sequence of one year in the life of fukras. And Bholi Punjaban is back out of jail with vengeance and the stakes are much higher, the situations are much crazier, madder. There’s a lot of fukrapanti to it! And yes, we have a lot of things to do with Tiger and animals.

4. Can we say that Bholi Punjaban is the villain of the film?

Richa Chadha: She can’t change her character. And talking about the villain, I don’t know. I think Bholi ka bhi koi baap hai isme which is a surprise in the film and you will know it slowly. The film shaped up very well ya! Everything depends on the script, every loose end from the first part has been tied in this one. It has a lot of soul also this time I feel. Not just masti but it has a few moments which are very cute.

5. Now that your film is getting a solo release. Do you think it will help your film to do well at the box office?

Varun Sharma: Yes, we are excited about the film because we just hope that people watch this film. It’s an interesting, good content film and as much as they enjoyed Fukrey, we are hoping that they have crazier times with this one.

6. Richa, you are writing a new book, so how is it shaping up?

Richa Chadha: I am, I am very behind it! I want to finish the release and then I go somewhere on a solo vacation, then I will write it. I have only written maybe 1/10th honestly.

7. Varun, you have worked with Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan and Sonam Kapoor earlier. And now you are sharing screen space with Govinda in Fry Day. So how is it shaping up and how is the experience?

Varun Sharma: It is shaping up very well and for me, I always wanted to get into acting. The way my career has been, the kind of films I have been a part of I am very proud of. I feel very happy and fortunate. I started my career with Fukrey then Dolly Ki Doli, Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon and then Diwale and there has been a lot of learnings throughout the process. Govinda is one of the legends that we have especially in the comedy genre. So while doing scenes with him, whether its improvising or hanging with him on sets, there’s a lot of learning in that.

8. Pulkit, as an actor you are very talented. But do you think that you have not got the right scripts that justify your talent?

Pulkit Samrat: Why you feel Fukrey or Fukrey Returns is not the right script? No, I have been very lucky with whatever work I have done. Whatever work I have done, I always have taken a step forward from there. It is worked or not worked otherwise at the box office, I would call that luck. But you don’t know which movie will work and which will not work. You do the hard work and you leave the rest. That’s it. I learn from something then I move forward, apply it more to the other one and then learn. That’s the simple process.

9. Pulkit, there were rumours that you were approached for Race 3? How true it that?

Pulkit Samrat: I was approached for Race 3? No!

10. You guys are going on Bigg Boss 11?

Pulkit Samrat: Yes, we are going for the promotions on the day of our release. We all are going for the first time at Bigg Boss 11. It will be nice, fab and it will be great fun!




  1. I am eager for the Fukrey 2. Fukrey part 1 was a complete dose of comedy. Let us see how Manjot Singh entertains us this time. I hope the movie will not let us down..


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