He is Paresh Rawal’s son but Aditya Rawal has been relevant in the Bollywood industry for more reasons than that. Before his debut as an actor, he has co-written Panipat, short films like The Mailbox & Monsoon, has assisted director Umesh Shukla on the sets of OMG: Oh My God!


Before the trailer release of his debut digital movie Bamfaad, we got into a chat with Aditya and tried to find more about him and the film than the world knows. Here are some excerpts:

1) First of all, tell me everything about Bamfaad that’s possible.

The story is set in Allahabad. It’s a love story with elements of friendship, politics, betrayal. At its heart a coming of age film.

2) “Jahaan dil lagaana nahin aasaan, wahaan aashiqui hogi Bamfaad!” Found this punchline that has been used for the film very interesting. Tell me more about it.

When you will see the trailer, you’ll see this is the sense of humour and quirkiness, dialogue writing skills of both Ranjan Bhai (Ranjan Chandel) and Hanzalah Shahid. Ranjan Bhai is actually from Kanpur and Hanzalah is from Allahabad itself, so they know the world very intimately. When you know something so well, you can play around with it and be spontaneous, you can improvise, you can find things that people wouldn’t have otherwise. Because your foundation in that world is so strong. So that’s where I think it comes from. That’s where all the quirks and the unique nature of the story comes from.

3) Being a writer yourself did you ever improvised your dialogues or contributed your own bit in the script?


On a set like ours, Ranjan Bhai was always open to improvisation but in most of the cases, the lines are so good we didn’t really need to improvise a lot. But of course, there is always some improvisation but as far as contributions go, our contributions were only of actors. There’s no way we were involved in the scripting process.

4) You have worked as a writer and assistant director before. Was it always a dream to become an actor or it just happened?

My parents being my parents, they were always on the field. As a child, I was always intimately involved with theatre, with films, reading plays, reading screenplays, watching plays, watching films, attending my father’s rehearsals, my mother’s rehearsals, sitting with the audience watching their plays 15th or 20th time. I was very interested in sports, to begin with. While I was in school, I used to play Cricket and then I took up Football professionally once I left school. After which when I turned 20/21, I felt my interest was much more in writing and acting. So I made the jump.

5) How is it being Quarantined with Paresh Ji? What kind of conversations you guys do and are you watching any show together?

We discuss all manner of things under the sun, we play board games like chess. For shows, I have started watching some classic films. I am actually lined up to act in a couple of upcoming projects for which I have already begun researching so I am using this time to rehearse, workshop, to work on myself.

6) Paresh Ji might be helping you in this?

He always has some advice but eventually, you have to make sure you serve the director right. He’s always there to help and guide but I make sure that I am doing what the director asks of me. So this is actually a good opportunity to use the time and work on the upcoming projects.

Directed by Ranjan Chandel and also starring Shalini Pandey, Vijay Varma, Jatin Sarna & Vipin Katyal, Bamfaad will start streaming on Zee5 from April 10. The film has been produced by Ajay Rai and presented by Anurag Kashyap. Ranjan Chandel and Hanzalah Shahid have written it.

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