Actor-director-writer Avinash Dhyani is all set to work on his next film titled ‘Saumya Ganesh‘. His previous film ‘72 Hours‘ was received well and streamed on Amazon Prime.


Saumya Ganesh is written by Avinash Dhyani himself, who will also play the lead role in it. The film will also be helmed by Dhyani himself. In an interview with Koimoi, we spoke to the actor about his film and what’s the story about.

EXCLUSIVE: Avinash Dhyani Shares His Upcoming Film Saumya Ganesh Will Highlight The Topic Of Diabetes
EXCLUSIVE: Avinash Dhyani Shares His Upcoming Film Saumya Ganesh Will Highlight The Topic Of Diabetes

Tell us about Saumya Ganesh?

The shooting of Saumya Ganesh will commence in November. We are shooting the whole film in Rishikesh. I wanted a city that is located near a river and I found Rishikesh appropriate for the story. It’s a simple love story of Saumya and Ganesh who are childhood lovers and get married. After their marriage, Ganesh, who is 25 gets diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes has been a huge problem in India. If I am not wrong, at least 53 million people in India have diabetes. This is growing vigorously. The kind of films I make, I think it’s my responsibility as a filmmaker that along with entertainment, I also give the audience an important message.

The story is set in a small town. Such conditions are usually associated with people living in urban areas considering their lifestyle. What thoughts did you put behind the same?


In diabetes, there are types – Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and I’m covering all that in the film. You’ve raised a good point here. In my film, I’ll be showing a family who lives a healthy lifestyle and better than Urban citizens. So despite following a healthy lifestyle, if someone can still be diagnosed with the disease, it can happen to people in urban areas too.

How did you do your research for the film?

I’ve met a lot of diabetic patients. There are some in my family members too. But I also met a lot of doctors in Dehradun at a hospital called Dun hospital. I spoke to a few friends who are doctors, I discussed with them too. That’s how I learned that just like cancer, even diabetes have types along with each type affects a person differently. I also read about what WHO has to say about it. This film might be fictional but the information and message I’m giving through it should be authentic.

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