The extremely talented Vishal Malhotra is one of the major reasons why the kids got hooked onto television. Blessed with the right set of charisma, good looks and acting abilities, Vishal Malhotra went onto rule the TV land for the longest time. He followed it up with his debut film in Bollywood in the form of Ken Ghosh’s Ishq Vishk, the same film in which his character Mambo had become a national figure! What followed after that were a string of films which gave Bollywood its very own all-rounder performer in the form of Vishal Malhotra.


Satish Sundaresan of Koimoi met up with Vishal Malhotra, who is all set to steal your hearts once again with his endearing performance in the upcoming film Tu Hai Mera Sunday. Here are the excerpts:

Vishal Malhotra
Vishal Malhotra

Vishal, why this long gap since you last film Ek Vivaah?
To tell you the very fact, I was a bit frustrated and unhappy about the roles which were being offered to me. I had become typecast.

Do you mind or you don’t mind going to the filmmakers asking for work?
Of course, I do not mind. It’s my job. Even though I did not get the role of my choice, I am eternally grateful to all the filmmakers who thought that I can do justice to the roles in the films.

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The way Arshad Warsi had got stuck with his ‘Circuit’ image; did you also get stuck with the ‘Mambo’ image?

Yes absolutely. It won’t be wrong to say that every character offered to me seemed like a reincarnation of Mambo. The impact of Mambo was so huge that the filmmakers wrote the roles keeping a Mambo type of character in mind. In the same breath, let me also add that I was so lucky that all the films just could not progress without the particular character that I had played.

Let’s talk about Tu Hai Mera Sunday. Can you please touch upon your role in the film?
I play the role of a Catholic guy named Dominic D’Souza who stays in Borivali. My character is extremely passionate about music. He plays the bass guitar. Then one day, his father passes away and the whole responsibility of the house comes on his shoulders. Because of that, he is forced to do away with his passion for music and get on with a corporate job. He comes to a conclusion that life has thrown him a very bad dice. Despite all the problems, he finds his soul ray of hope in football. One day, even that also gets snatched away from him.

What does the term ‘Sunday’ mean to you?
Sunday, to me, are moments. It’s not a day.

Cite three reasons for the viewers to watch the film.
Firstly, the language of the film. The language which has been used in the film is very universal. The second most important thing in the film is it script. Thirdly, the film will leave you with a guaranteed smile on your face. Let me also add one more point here. I am putting myself in the line to tell this. This film will surely be recalled as one of the top 10 heartfelt movies that a person has ever watched. Above all that, it’s the hard work of our director Milind.

Your future projects…
Nothing as of now (smiles).




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