Dheeraj Dhoopar has won many hearts with his stylish and good looks! Delhi Boy Dheeraj is best known for playing Prem Bhardwaj from Sasural Simar Ka and now he impresses us yet again as Karan Luthra in Kundali Bhagya.


Recently, KoiMoi.com interviewed Dheeraj through an email interview where he said about several things. He spoke about his journey in the telly world, Shah Rukh Khan his muse, dream of entering Bollywood and much more!

Excerpts from the interview:

1. How did you get your first break from the industry?

I was In Bangalore trying my hand in modelling. I was then doing well as a print model and one fine day I got a call from one of the producers in Mumbai for a very big show. I came to Mumbai to give the auditions and got selected as the lead of that show. From then on there has been no looking back.

Dheeraj Dhoopar Exclusive: I Feel I Would Look Good With Alia Bhatt & Parineeti Chopra
Dheeraj Dhoopar Exclusive: I Feel I Would Look Good With Alia Bhatt & Parineeti Chopra

2. How has the television journey been so far?

I would say that currently, I am content with whatever I am. I had always manifested myself doing an Ekta Kapoor show someday and currently, I’m doing it. What adds to the whole thing is that I show is number 1 and my character Karan Luthra is a big hit. As far as my journey so far is concerned, I feel really happy with it. I was initially known for my dimples and looks and today I’m known for my acting. This is an ideal graph for an actor.

3. We read that you want to become a romantic hero. So who has been your inspiration in Bollywood?


SRK all the way has been my hero. I have grown up to watching him romance so many leading ladies of that era and he still keeps doing it. I love his energy and the aura that he carries with himself and that put together with his business acumen makes him my inspiration.

4. We also read that you were about to sign a three-film deal in Bollywood. If you could share something about it?

I can’t name anyone but yes it is true. Before I signed Kundali Bhagya I was about to sign a three-film deal which eventually did not work our due to creative differences. In fact I was also about to sign BA Pass 2 but even that did not work out. I guess something’s are destined.

5. Would we see your Bollywood debut anytime soon?

Like I said I am very content with what I am doing currently. But I would never discount anything. Bollywood is very much in my plan of action and if things fall in place sometime in the future then we don’t know what is in store.

6. Which actress do you want to romance on-screen in your debut film?

I feel Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra would be my choice. I feel I would look good with them on screen.

7. What’s next in the pipeline?

At the moment only Kundali Bhagya as long as it goes on. Don’t want to think too much ahead of where I am.




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