Bollywood’s newbie Rohan Mehra, who is the son of late actor Vinod Mehra, is all set for his big debut. He will be seen sharing the screen space with Saif Ali Khan in Nikkhil Advani’s Baazaar. The film is slated to release on October 26, 2018. Recently in a conversation with Koimoi, debutant Rohan revealed that he really looks up to Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan.

He feels that these two are the goal standard for an actor. In an exclusive interview with Koimoi, Rohan said, “There are a lot of actors that I look upto. I think for any newcomer who is entering the industry, Ranveer Singh & Varun Dhawan are like the goal standard of actor because they both have this inherent thing in them which connect to the audiences. They make them feel happy, emotional and that’s what really we are here to do. So I look upto the two of them definitely.”

Baazaar Actor Rohan Mehra: I Really Look Up To Ranveer Singh & Varun Dhawan
Baazaar Actor Rohan Mehra: I Really Look Up To Ranveer Singh & Varun Dhawan

Rohan being a star kid has never been in the limelight which is a very rare sight. Usually we have seen that the star kids become a household name even before they are launched in the movies. Ever since the Queen actress Kangana Ranaut called Karan Johar the flag-bearer of nepotism, it has been a raging topic in the industry since then. Even after this, KJo launched two debutantes, Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter in Dhadak which further added fuel to the fire.

Since Rohan is also a star kid, ask him if his Bollywood break will also be considered as a product of nepotism, Rohan said, “Maybe for some people. I personally don’t think so. I think there are two things which are quite front of my mind. First is that I think with a lot of these nepotism break and all the star kids launches, I think there’s an expectation and anticipation that comes with their name. People read their names and they know about these upcoming actors from a long time before the film is actually out there and released. With me, I think that people started knowing that I exist and who I am once the trailer came out. I don’t really feel like them in that sense. Secondly, I would also like to say that I grew up very far away from Bollywood and India, so I don’t even know what it means to be a star kid or a product of nepotism. But then again to the audiences, they will see it how they want to see it. There’s nothing wrong in that.”

Reacting on the current scenario of #MeToo movement in Bollywood, he says that he is in complete favour of it. “ Obviously the #MeToo movement is a very serious concern as to what’s happening in our country and specifically in the industry. I do want to say that I’m in complete favour of it and I send my apologies and of course power to the victims of this horrible incidents because no one should feel unsafe. Especially the place they are working, they shouldn’t feel intimidated or scared to come to work or scared to speak to these people. So because of that I again say that I give more power to the victims of it and apologise that this should never happen. It’s horrible and very disturbing time. I’m completely for it. If this is the way forward and this is the way the offenders get prosecuted or any action taken against them, then so be it. Complete power to the movement,” he signs off.

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